Nanci Main giving Oysterville talk on Nov. 17

Jimella Lucas and Nanci Main are pictured here in 1981 outside the Ark Restaurant at the Nahcotta Dock.

OYSTERVILLE — On Thursday, Nov. 17, Nanci Main will talk about “The Ark Years (1981-2003)” at the Oysterville Schoolhouse Lecture Series. In a format somewhat different from past talks, she will answer questions posed to her by Observer columnist and good friend, Cate Gable.

“I’ll be interviewing Nanci on roughly the following topics:” Cate says.

• How she and Jimella met and landed on the Peninsula.

• The first years here and how and when they took over the Ark.

• Their founding of the Garlic Festival and some highlights and tales from those years.

• Nanci’s baking chef’s tour of Russia and follow-up with Russian visitors to the Ark.

• All the various people they trained over the years.

• Maybe some things about the transition to the Café.

Nanci is taking the place of Tom Downer from Jack’s Country Store, who is out of the area and could not speak as originally planned at this final talk in the 2016 Series, “Local Lore.” Because of preparation time constraints, Nanci has chosen an interview format for presenting her subject matter.

“I think this presentation should answer many of the questions that community members often ask about the legendary Ark Restaurant,” says Diane Buttrell, series organizer. “I’m hoping that Nanci will also have time to tell us a little about her experience planting Peace Trees in Vietnam a few years ago.”

The 45-minute talk will begin at 10 a.m. and will be followed by questions and comments from the audience. A donation basket will be available for those who would like to support the Oysterville Community Club in its efforts to sponsor more activities of this sort.

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