Judges' Choice - Best in Show  David Bright Toy Box

Judges' Choice - Best Student Art  Emily Brunner Wolf Paw Patch

People's Choice - Popular Vote  David Bright Toy Box

1st - Blue  Pat Butterworth Bottles Pro Oil

DorothyHancock Daffodil Harvest Non-Pro Oil

Gene Marteeny Beach Scene Pro Acrylic

David Bright Toy Box Non-Pro Acrylic

Barbara Bray Place in the Sun Pro Watercolor

Elaine Lewis Port of Ilwaco Non-Pro Watercolor

Jo Pomeroy-Crockett Curiosity Pro Mixed Media

Mary Ann Hirst Autumn Sunset Non-Pro Mixed Media

Sallie Durga Dream Scene Non-Pro Pastel

Larry Kellis CapeD Pro Photography

Jon R. Lewis Bear Grass Non-Pro Photography

Brenda Bliss Deer Pro Drawing

G. Lance Iiams Gyrfalcon Non-Pro Drawing

George Zimmerman Plant Stand Pro Crafts

Gwen Wagner Summer Flowers Non-Pro Crafts

Lorrie Haight Leather Bound Journal Pro Leather

Linda M. Maulton The Secret Non-Pro Leather

E. Bonn Dance For Joy Pro Collage

Sue Cowell No. 424 Pro Fiber

Jerre McDaneld Gray's River Covered Bridge Non-Pro Fiber

Barbara M. Martin Falcon Non-Pro Prints

Claire Schaubel Low Tide No. 3 Pro Ceramics

Linda M. Maulton Man in the Moon Non-Pro Decor. Art

Emily Brunner Wolf Paw Patch Jewelry Student Art

James Schneider Bloomer Youth Art

2nd - Red  Pat Butterworth Wash Day Pro Oil

DorothyHancock Deserted Non-Pro Oil

Bernice Puzauskas Winter Mood Pro Acrylic

David Bright A Place to Hide Non-Pro Acrylic

Jo Pomeroy-Crockett Shells Pro Watercolor

Marilyn Casey Visiting the Wreck Non-Pro Watercolor

Brenda Bliss Cape D Pro Mixed Media

Dorothy Hancock Fisher Non-Pro Mixed Media

Barbara M. Martin Barbara Non-Pro Pastel

Larry Kellis Winter at North Head Pro Photography

Sharon M. Crawford Sunset Non-Pro Photography

G. Lance Iiams Bobcat Non-Pro Drawing

Lorrie Haight Beaver Skin Journal Pro Crafts

Marilyn Casey Swampland Belle Non-Pro Crafts

Sue Cowell No. 443 Pro Fiber

Claire Schaubel What All Is It? Pro Ceramics

Linda M. Maulton Turtle Rattle Non-Pro Decorative Art

Amanda Baker Mama's Porch Swing Student Art

James Schneider Spook Youth Art

3rd - White  Pat Butterworth Waterfall Pro Oil

JulianaWeir Shop Window Non-Pro Oil

Jo Pomeroy-Crockett The Hummers Pro Acrylic

Ronald Jenson Morning Tide Non-Pro Acrylic

Pat Butterworth Daisy Bouquet Pro Watercolor

Mary Kay Baker Summer Bloom Non-Pro Watercolor

Bernice Puzuaskas Summer Morning Pro Mixed Media

Tom Morrow Restful Home Non-Pro Mixed Media

Larry Kellis Long Beach Peninsula Pro Photography

Sharon M. Crawford Old Scotts Church Non-Pro Photography

G. Lance Iiams CapeDisappointment Non-Pro Drawing

George Zimmerman Bench Pro Crafts

Sue Cowell No. 444 Pro Fiber

Claire Schaubel Basket No. 1 Pro Ceramics

I~inda M. Maulton End of the Trail Non-Pro Decorative Art

Charles Mackey Blue and Orange Pitcher Student Art

Honorable Mention - Green  Juliana Weir Thayer's Angel on Bus Non-Pro Oil

Juliana Weir Secret Dreams Non-Pro Acrylic

Marva Hall Chinook River View Non-Pro Acrylic

Jo Pomeroy-Crockett Old Soul Pro Watercolor

Myrna Tarleton Study in Green Non-ProWatercolor

Mary Ann Hirst Oh, Poppy! Non-Pro Watercolor

Dorothy Hancock Poppies Non-Pro Watercolor

Betty Crosta Sailing on the River Pro Mixed Media

Cecile Logan Canton Pro Pastel

Cecile Logan No. 1 Pro Pastel

Cecile Logan No. 2 Pro Pastel

Jon R. Lewis Bryce National Park Non-Pro Photography

G. Lance Iiams Landin' Non-Pro Drawing

Eleanore Thompson Ron's Quarry Non-Pro Decorative Art

Jan Burditt Feathered Nest Non-Pro Decorative Art  

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