KNAPPTON - An open house in honor of the sixth annual "O, how Horriable is the Day" commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition's November on the North Shore will be held Nov. 8 and 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As part of the open house, hot cider and history will be shared, including a guided walk to River Beach to view the Lewis and Clark Canoe Trail.

Knappton Cove is located three miles upriver from the north end of the Astoria/Megler Bridge on the officially designated Lewis and Clark Heritage Canoe Trail. On Nov. 10, 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition canoed past Knappton Cove, hugging the shoreline because of inclement weather. They camped downriver about one-quarter mile at Hungry Harbor that night, pinned down by high tides, huge waves and fierce winds at Point Ellice.

Knappton Cove offers a sweeping view of the lower Columbia River estuary, Saddle Mountain and the city of Astoria. Lewis and Clark, along with other early sea explorers, did indeed open up the Pacific Northwest to settlement.

Pioneers arrived both by overland and sea routes, establishing Donation Land Claims. By the 1870s there was a constant flow of immigrants lured by the fishing and logging industries. But incoming ships were arriving not only with passengers but communicable diseases, which led to the Quarantine Act instituted by Congress in 1891. The Marine Hospital Service (later the U.S. Public Health Service) was assigned the task of conducting health inspection of all incoming vessels, their crews and passengers. The Columbia River Quarantine Station opened in May 1899. Thousand of immigrants passed through health inspection at Knappton Cove.

The property was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The Knappton Cove Heritage Center was established in 1995 in the old hospital building that served the station. A rental apartment occupies the west part of the hospital and the east side houses a museum.

The museum is open by appointment for tour groups, school field trip or other interested individuals or groups. Special events are offered throughout the year.

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