ILWACO — Once upon a time in a legendary kingdom, lived a royal princess, fairest in the land.

She would meet a prince. They’d fall in love and then some. Such a noble story told for your delight. ‘Tis a little rockin’ tale of pure Snow White!

The story of Snow White has been told since 1937. There have been many different spins on the classic fairy tale. It has been portrayed as a children’s story, a story of romance, and even recently an action-packed thriller.

So how can Ilwaco High School take this overly famous plotline and recapture their audience’s attention? By turning it into a comedic musical complete with singing bats and a rapping mirror!

This is the second musical in four years performed by the Ilwaco High School drama club and the fourth production directed by Rachel Lake. It takes a lot of hard work to put together a musical. Not only are there lines to fine tune, but also songs and choreography. The cast has been spending all of their nights warming up their vocal chords and running through the script till it’s perfect. It’ll definitely be a show worth going to!

The set is built, the costumes have been made, and the cast of 35 have been rehearsing since Feb. 6 to recreate the amazing essence of Snow White. All that’s left are the lights, the cameras, the action, and of course, the audience. Don’t miss the chance to see this unusually spectacular twist on the story we all know and love.



April 19, 7 p.m.

April 20, 3 p.m. & 7 p.m.

April 21, 2 p.m.


Seniors — $5

Students — $5

Adults — $7

$20 for a family of four


Alicia Trusty

Dylan Wortman

Amanda Bell

Noelle McPhail

Kathryn Sinor

Stephanie Kelly

Katie Kelly

Tawnie Nesbitt

Aslyn Fisher

Charity Fleck

Rosie Lee

Becca Curry

Tom Odneal

Giovanni Lazaro

Raven Rogers

Tyler Long

Kyle Bryant

Alec Bell

Kevin Johnson

Evan Sutherland

Ben Brownlee

John Hunt

Zack Berteaux

Amber Sholin

Amber Finnegan

Taylor Kemmer

Taylor Adams

Blake Hajdok

Lacie Cutting

Elli Fox

Beth Winters

Cassandra George

Matthew Warner

Trent Ramsey


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