Witness kestrels in the act of ‘on-line dating’

A pair of American kestrels can be observed near their nesting box in the Tarlett Slough area of south Willapa Bay.

You have heard this before, I know, but the Tarlatt Slough area on the south end of Willapa Bay always amazes and surprises me. If you are interested in seeing on-line dating in action, now is the time to go to Tarlatt, which is accessed via 95th Street, just south of Pacific County PUD’s Sandridge Road facility.

A pair of kestrels can be seen sitting on the overhead power lines or the diagonal power lines on 95th. They were sitting close together the other day, but today they were even closer to one another. They fly off together when they are on the hunt and fly back nearly always landing near to one another to either eat or to keep an eye out for a tasty rodent or insect dinner.

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