ILWACO — Saturday morning at Black Lake in Ilwaco went from calm silence to a cacophony of splashing feet and hands within seconds as the first ever Cape D Sprint Triathlon got underway.

Six teams, 20 individual men and 10 solo women took to the course that stretched throughout Ilwaco, beginning with a 500-meter swim in Black Lake, a 12-mile bike ride and a 5K run. Teams broke up the activities with each member responsible for one leg of the triathlon, then handing off to the next.

Of course, this being the first time for the event there were a few small glitches — namely some runner confusion on the course leading to some going too long or too short before finishing. But all in all, the triathlon earned high praise from those participating and spectating.

“I’m sure I didn’t end up doing all 5K on the run since I think I missed part of the course,” wrote Ben Talbert on the event’s Facebook page afterward. “I’ll have to penalize myself for the missed time. Ha ha ha. Great event. Loved the beauty of the courses and the fun people, volunteers and competitors.”



1. Andrew Emlen 1:12:35, Skamokawa

Duncan Cruikshank

Heidi Haywood

2. Steve Blasko 1:17:42, Long Beach

Tim Jefferies

Chris Miller

3. Jennifer Cotrone 1:17:46 33, Ocean Park

Heidi Clark

Denise Wright

4. Cheri Bolden 1:22:23, Long Beach

Chase Milsap

Lianne Loo

5. Jeff Marcus 1:25:05, Ilwaco

Vinessa Mulinix

Steven Furio


1. Jessie Lin 1:15:57, Bothell

2. Linda Weimer 1:20:45, Abbotsford

3. Angela Nairn 1:33:42, Warrenton

4. Tiffany Turner 1:33:55, Long Beach

5. Dodo Boisvert 1:36:54, Warrenton


1. Mike Meisner 1:12:36, Seaside

2. Andrew Wiegardt 1:15:35, Astoria

3. Jared Oakes 1:19:25, Long Beach

4. Tyler Starks 1:19:45, Tumwater

5. Joe Dominey 1:20:56, Astoria

See full results from the Cape D Sprint Triathlon on their Facebook page:


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