OYSTERVILLE — Shoppers who scour the Peninsula for deals during “The World’s Longest Garage Sale” this weekend may find perfectly priced household items or maybe that rare collector’s piece they’ve been searching for, but may not realize that some of their purchases this weekend will support local cause, such as preserving the Oysterville School House.

Built in 1907, the Oysterville School House is actually the third school to be built on that site and was used by the school district for 50 years. Since then, it has been added to a historic registry and cared for by the Oysterville Community Club.

According to board secretary Peter Janke, the club hosts three fundraisers each year in order to preserve and maintain the schoolhouse as a community resource.

On May 24 and 25, they will hold a flea market at the schoolhouse, 3322 School Road in Oysterville. There will also be a hot dog lunch available for purchase. The weekend’s proceeds will support the club’s efforts to preserve the schoolhouse.

On July 5 and 6, they will have their third annual artisan’s fair with local, handmade art. Vendors can have a table inside or a tent outside for both days for just $20.

The club will be accepting donations of items to sell at their garage sale scheduled for Aug. 23 and 24.

Board president Warren Schmidt says the fundraisers allow Oysterville Community Club to complete improvements at the property.

“The summer before last, we had someone clean and oil the shingles outside to preserve them,” Schmidt explains. “We hired someone to go up and clean out attic. When it was remodeled there was a lot of wood scraps left up there, so for the safety of the building we keep all that cleaned out. We got the all natural wood floors refinished, and we installed all new appliances in the kitchen — a new range, fridge, dishwasher and microwave. We also added a handicapped toilet. Outside, we had a couple truckloads of dirt brought in to level out the yard on the south side. We also invested in some picnic tables.”

The club also donates funds to the North Head Lighthouse, the South Pacific County Humane Society and the Ocean Park Food Bank.

“We started thinking that we’re a community club and we need to do things that better the community,” says Schmidt. “Those are three charities that we all have a heartfelt feeling for. It’s no one’s special project, it’s a community thing.”

In addition to hosting fundraisers, the school house was used in 150 th birthday celebration for the town of Oysterville, and has been rented out for meetings, reunions, receptions and other gatherings.

The Oysterville Community Club eight-member board meets monthly. The general membership — consisting of approximately 70 members — meets in January, April, July and October. Oysterville residency is not required to become a member. Annual memberships are $10. For more information, call Warren Schmidt at 665-2829.

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