PENINSULA — Twenty amazing artists in 15 venues are opening their home studios and galleries Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you’re shopping small, hoping to meet interesting people or just want to explore the Long Beach Peninsula and enjoy its natural beauty and the art and craft it inspires, the 11th Annual Peninsula Arts Association Studio Tour has so many delightful offerings!

On Friday, Nov. 23 and Saturday, Nov. 24, all the studios will be open, and about half will participate on Sunday, Nov. 25. There are maps available online at and at every studio during the tour. There will PAA Art Event signs to guide you along the way. Enjoy a photo preview of the show on the PAA Facebook page.

At the top of the tour, owner and chief soap maker Diana Thompson’s Harmony Soapworks has been creating quality products since 1997. This small home factory produces and sends thousands of bars of specialty soaps to Japan every year, creates custom soaps for local businesses and makes an amazing variety of naturally scented, good for your skin soaps that are the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

Dierdre Duewel and JoAnne Webster will showcase their work at the historic Oysterville Store. Dierdre works with bits of glass and pieces of metal to create fanciful art that will brighten any garden and she crafts one of a kind mosaic mirrors. JoAnne’s eclectic and imaginative pieces include mixed media shrines, dolls, fairy furniture and felt Christmas ornaments. Whimsical and spiritual describe her art pieces made with natural and re-purposed local items.

Opening the door to Impressing Ideas is like lifting the lid on a treasure chest! This shop will light up your imagination and ignite your creative desires. Robert and Cindi offer classes and ideas on how to use the thousands of art and craft items in their store. A gift certificate for a class or for the store is a wonderful gift for that artistic spirit on your list.

Bette Lu Krause’s studio is tucked into a woodsy neighborhood just north of Ocean Park. Her thoughtful paintings come from the heart of the forest and the edge of the sea. Lately she’s been painting small original works that will tuck into nearly any corner of your home or office. Bette Lu also offers art cards, ornaments, tiles, prints and her wonderful locally hand-silk-screened t-shirts in several styles and colors.

For 50 years, Carol Couch has been painting the Long Beach Peninsula. These days, she also teaches watercolor painting at Grays Harbor College in Ilwaco. Join Carol and company for this once a year sale of her wonderful work at her home studio.

A long-time peninsula photographer, Nancy Meyrick shows up for the light and shoots from the heart to bring you iconic pictures of our area. A retired school photographer, she works to blend education and image. Nancy will join the crew at Carol Couch’s home and studio.

Judy Cox’ paper folding is detailed and exquisite. Since 1999, she’s offered iris-folding on cards and in beautiful framed pieces. She and husband Michael will also help host the party at Carol Couch’s place.

Sue Raymond‘s pottery will make you smile. It is meant as a reminder that life should be filled with surprises and happy moments. Her unique stoneware clay characters speak to her as she works, perhaps they’ll have something to say to you too. Sue is the owner of Bay Avenue Gallery and represents more than 50 local artists.

Andrea Weir’s distinct style enhances all of the mediums she works in. At Weir Studios you’ll find: glass jewelry, beaded jewelry, fused glass art, drawings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and prints.

Ocean Park’s beloved and internationally recognized artist Eric Wiegardt’s recent paintings offer a portal to beauty- the viewer’s mind completes the story. Inspired by memories of working out on the bay, these interpretive, or abstract paintings emerge from an inner sense of design. Eric’s gallery on Bay Avenue offers original and acrylic paintings, prints, notecards, books and art supplies.

Quirky, eccentric and reclusive Joe Chasse has finally joined the Studio Tour! Steam-punk(ish) assemblage art pours out of his house, across the yard, up on the roof top (no reindeer here) and over the fence. Don’t miss the opportunity for a peek into Joe’s remarkable psyche. Mr. Chasse says, “One minute you’re dancin’, and the next minute you’re dead. So let’s dance.”

Jim Unwin is known for his allegorical, spirit-centered wood-sculptures using Northwest themes and styles. His whimsical shop in the woods, is known as “The Hobbit Shop,” a favorite with Studio Tour visitors, who come back year after year to see what’s new.

A delightful array of handbuilt and thrown decorative and utilitarian pieces await you at Linda Marsh Pottery. Linda has been crafting delightful objects large and small from stoneware and porcelain clay for 50 years. During the tour she’ll demonstrate making ornaments from clay.

Using Karen Brownlee’s handmade functional stoneware pottery is a joyful everyday experience. Bright bold colors and textures give visual and sensual interest to every piece. You’ll also find imaginative garden art, raku and clay mosaics at Karen Brownlee Pottery.

Three studio-galleries are located on the Ilwaco Waterfront. Take a little time for a stroll along the picturesque harbor as you enjoy the exquisite work of four wonderful artists.

Luisa Mack Jewelry and Art. Luisa’s jewelry is unique, hand-forged and captivates with it’s simplicity. She spent 4-1/2 years studying at a university in Pforzheim, Germany and learning from master goldsmiths. Now she designs her own, one-of-a-kind works at her jeweler’s bench in the gallery.

Adorning the walls at Luisa Mack studio gallery are Penny Treat’s environmentally focused watercolors, monoprints, mixed media and art cards. Penny is concentrating on raising awareness for endangered animals, forests, rivers and air quality.

In the same building as Luisa and Penny, painter and printmaker Marie Powell works in her on-site studio to create one-of a kind monotypes using oil inks on 100 percent rag, as well as mixed media works on canvas and panel. Inside her gallery, you’ll be captivated by Marie’s expressions of color and light.

On the west end of the Ilwaco waterfront, Cindi Kaliszewski represents 26 wide-ranging artisans at the Skywater Gallery. Her own work combines photography transferred to rice paper and mounted on glass using a special technique. The intent of the work is to create ‘memories that you can hold’. Cindi will demonstrate her rice paper on glass and offers on-site classes in her studio.

Please join us for this wonderful once a year event- bring your friends and family, meet the artists, the crafts men and women, enjoy and support this exceptional community. Maps are available at Skywater Gallery in Ilwaco, the Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau, Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park, and the Ocean Park area Visitor’s Bureau.

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