LONG BEACH - A very well received Fall Art Show, exhibiting the art of 47 Peninsula Arts Association members closed with some surprising ribbon results. For the first time since Bill Nitzel's award winning entry in 1984, photography received the honor of Judges' Choice - Best in Show. Peggy Bleckov's color photograph, The Bond, is a quiet, touching and perfectly presented study of a young New Hampshire boy communing with his 4-H competition entry (a very young goat). Competing against all other first place winners in 19 categories, The Bond received a unanimous vote by all three judges; Teri Sund of RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, nationally-acclaimed artist Charles Schweigert and Scott Leahing of Dots n' Doodles, also in Astoria.

"The reason we picked this as Best in Show, is that everything about it is right," said Leahing. "The composition, balance, values (light and dark), technique, emotion and presentation ... everything is right."

Bridge to Nowhere, a photograph of the Megler Bridge by Theodore K. Diebold, took the People's Choice Ribbon hands down. Using a technique to create one image from three shots of the well-loved subject, each with differing focal points, Diebold's composition was entered under the Photography - Other category. Another photograph of the same subject, Beams - Megler, by Bonnie Lou Cozby, won first place in that category.

A good portion of the 800 plus visitors to the show came specifically to see the large exhibition of Featured Artist Eric Wiegardt's work. The nine paintings made a dramatic entrance to the show.

Rose Power's King Salmon and all three of Jim Unwin's carved wood entries garnered a great deal of interest along with Jan Richardson's clay piece Hills and Dales, an Italian Landscape and Marion Ogle's delicate glass pansy necklace Floral Fantasy. Paintings and drawings were the most represented part of the show with the work of Maxine Brown, Susan McCloud, Cynthia Pride, Michele Beaulieu, Bette Lu Krause, Nancy Wavra and Nancy Beliveau receiving several comments.

The last PAA event for 2011 is the 4th Annual Studio Tour held up and down the Peninsula from Chinook to Surfside on Nov. 25 and Nov. 26. For information on Peninsula Arts Association visit www.beachartist.org.

2011 - PAA 41st Fall Art Show List of Winners

Watercolor Seascape

1st Kites Galore! Cynthia Pride

2nd Beachcombers, Bernie Elliott

3rd Shorebirds, Jean Nitzel

Honorable Mention Undersea Organic 4, Susan McCloud

Watercolor Still Life/Florals

1st Warm Autumn Leaves, Bernie Elliott

2nd Evelyn, Cynthia Pride

Acrylic Seascape

1st Kite Flyers ala Picasso, Nancy Beliveau

2nd Early Morning Hour, Andrea Traphagen

Acrylic Landscape/Cityscape

1st Rust n' Rot, Judy Leonard


1st Determination - Self Portrait, LAW Fraser

2nd Woman in Empire Dress, Michele Beaulieu Naquaiya

3rd The Dalai Lama, Dorothy Harper

Mixed Media

1st Window Views, Susan McCloud

2nd Early Morning, Lorna Jo Shakerin

3rd Desert Jokesters, Nancy Wavra


1st Beets, Sharon Strong

2nd Pleasantville, Sharon Strong


1st Northwest Loon, Jim Unwin

2nd My Morning Glory, Athol Libby


1st Day's End, Joyce Wingett


1st Under Sea Food Chain, Michelle Beaulieu Naquaiya

2nd Paints in Aspens, Michele Beaulieu Naquaiya


1st Silver Chief, O. Carol Olson

2nd Floral Fantasy, Marion Ogle

3rd Vertibrae, Sandra Lill


1st Hills and Dales - An Italian Landscape, Jan Richardson

2nd with animal, Sue Raymond

Soft Sculpture

1st Madame Peacock and Sir Pete, LAW Fraser

2nd Witchie Poo, Lorna Jo Shakerin

Color Photography

1st The Bond, Peggy Bleckov

2nd Sunrise on Fire - Vista House, Bonnie Lou Cozby

3rd '29 Chevy, Nancy Meyrick

Honorable Mention Harbor Light, Michael A. Campellone

Photography Other

1st Beams - Megler, Bonnie Lou Cozby

2nd Sunset Canoes, Maui, James Tweedie

3rd Bridge to Nowhere, Theodore K. Diebold


1st On Guard, Dorothy Harper

2nd Untitled, Maxine Brown


1st Print 54, E. Bonn -Zimmerman

2nd Print 53, E. Bonn -Zimmerman

Decorated Art

1st King Salmon, Rose Power


1st Time Flies, Marion Ogle

2nd "Mshindi Askari" Conquering Soldiers, Michael Cox


1st Beautiful Dream, Christina Kenoski - Color Photography

2nd Sunset, Kristin Grant - Fused Glass

3rd Still Life, Lesther D. Reese -Drawing

Honorable Mention Beach Bodies, Esther Wiegardt - Color Photography

Judges Choice - Best in Show

The Bond, Peggy Bleckov - Color Photography

People's Choice

Bridge to Nowhere, Theodore K. Diebold


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