OCEAN PARK - On Thursday, March 24, Cranberry Queens were on hand at the Ocean Park Chamber of Commerce meeting held at the Pacific County Fire District 1 hall in Ocean Park. The sales of their calendars complete, they handed a check for $500 to Chief Thomas O'Donohue to use for Project Life Saver, a program that gives personnel special training in dealing with victims of Alzheimer's.

Sandy Smith gave a big thank you to everyone who helped produce the calendar including Bud McKay of the Neptune Theater who sold them, the Beezleys of Buzy Beez Printing for printing and upgrading the paper, and Sharon White who wrote all the descriptions of what was going on in the pictures and what is happening each month on the peninsula. She also thanked the firemen for allowing the Cranberry Queens to use the hall each month as a meeting place. Sandy and her husband Vance Smith of Vance Smith Design choreographed and took all the pictures for the calendars and then provided the print-ready copy for Buzy Beez.

Originally the fire district bought seven tracking bracklets and with the addition of the Sheriff's department as the second agency providing them, have added another four, and this $500 will allow even more to be purchased.

If you know of someone who needs one of these tracking devices, either contact Chief O'Donohue or Stephanie Fritts with the sheriff's department. Medicare will reimburse for the cost of having one. The sheriff or the fire department will loan you one until yours comes. All they ask is that after you no longer need the device, that you return it to them so someone else can borrow it.

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