SEAVIEW — Walking up to the pavilion at the Sou’wester Lodge Saturday, the heavy reverb sounds of Plastic Cactus could be heard bouncing off the myriad aluminum sided Airstream’s and other classic trailers. The Portland band, who play a kind of psychedelic surf rock, were suitably impressed with the environs of the lodge property. As they were wrapping up their set, lead guitarist Michaela Gradstein said, “I wish we could stay. I really love it here.” After the show she expanded, saying, “It’s just such a magical spot and I’m so happy to stay here. Everyone’s been so nice and it’s just so cozy and great. I’m so happy to be here.”

She was far from alone.

Last weekend’s Lose Yr Mind music festival had the lodge and adjacent trailer park fully booked. The two day fest featured 10 bands, primarily from the Pacific NW. The event was a collaboration between the Sou’wester and the annual Lose Yr Mind fest in Portland.

Last spring, Elizabeth Elder — organizer of the Lose Yr Mind festival in Portland — attended another music festival at the Sou’wester. She got to talking with music booking agent for the lodge, Ivy Ross Ricci, about hosting a sort of “satellite version” of the annual Portland event.

“It’s basically the Sou’wester ‘weekender’ version of the Lose Yr Mind that is happening in Portland in October,” said Ross Ricci, who added that Elder put the Sou’wester line up together in a specific way. “I know she was going with the general ‘philosophy’ of Lose Yr Mind. But she knew that these are smaller spaces than she usually holds them in Portland. So she booked acts that were a little bit more mellow, for like a coastal weekend getaway. A beginning of fall kind of vibe.”

Proceeds from the festival, like all shows at the Sou’wester, benefits their artist in residency program.

“We’re just trying to bring a lot of awesome music to this corner of the world, and have it be open and interesting to the public,” said Ross Ricci.

The lodge will host Gratitunes — “A thankful feast of music” on Nov. 23 through 25, and feature six performers, including Jolie Holland, formerly of The Be Good Tanyas. For more information see,

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