Singing for His Supper

<I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I><BR>Kings Highway, a band from Ilwaco's New Life Church, will be one of the local acts featured at Saturday's benefit concert.

Concert to benefit hot meals programSEAVIEW - New Life Church musical director Damian Mulinix and Reverend Blaine Hammond of St. Peter's Episcopal church have cooked up a gig they call the "Good News Musical Show" that will feature spiritual-based music by local musicians performing virtually all styles of music.

The show is free and will begin at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19 at the Peninsula Church Center, 6000 "N" Place in Seaview. A donation of money or canned food will go to benefit the hot meals program, His Supper Table. At least 15 soloists, instrumental groups, vocal ensembles and bands are gearing up to perform according to Mulinix, who works as a staff writer/photographer for the Chinook Observer.

Reverend Hammond and Mulinix met after performing at last summer's tent revival at Ocean Park Assembly of God Church and kicked around the idea of an old-fashioned gospel-blues show. The idea of making the show a benefit was brought up, and since His Supper Table has lost funding from Northwest Harvest in recent months, and because of their universal service to area residents, Mulinix and Rev. Hammond felt it was an obvious choice for them to receive any proceeds of their show.

King's Highway - the six-piece New Life band - will perform, as will the Ocean Park Lutheran Church choir and Grays River Methodist's Pastor Barbara Bate along with many other performers. Local pianist and music instructor Suzanne Knutzen has agreed to perform on the PCC pump organ and may also accompany some of the vocalists.

Refreshments have been donated by area businesses and will be available throughout the evening with all proceeds going towards the cause as well. Patrons are encouraged to drop in and leave as they choose, as the show may last upwards of three hours or more. The program features more mellow, traditional gospel music earlier in the show with faster, louder arrangements later in the show.

Mulinix said, "If you have a pre-set idea of what Christian music is like I think you will be pleasantly surprised. There will be traditional hymns, folk style music, blues and some rock." Mulinix plays guitars, piano, harmonica, banjo and sings in Kings Highway and describes their style of music as a mix of country-style blues, with a tendancy to jam.

The Good News Musical Show is strictly a non-denominational affair and there will be "no preaching" according to Mulinix.

"If you like spiritual music, or just appreciate good music, you should enjoy this show," he said.

Reverend Hammond will also perform at the show and will serve as master of ceremonies.

Mulinix said, "If the show is a success we may do this twice a year, once in the summer and once for those who are here in the winter. We welcome the opportunity to help people in need with the benefit shows."

And it's obvious from the enthusiasm generated that local musicians love to perform spiritual music and hopefully large audiences will flock to enjoy their talent and passion.

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