South Bend: Rich in beauty, history

Fireworks illuminate the South Bend waterfront and the Pacific County Courthouse, and architectural treasure open to the public.

Snuggled against the shores of the Willapa River, South Bend offers visitors a wide variety of activities, sights and shops.

Located 45 miles north of the Peninsula on U.S. Highway 101, it bills itself as the "Oyster Capital of the World."

South Bend is home to numerous turn-of-the-century buildings, including four which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The prime piece of architecture on the list is the Pacific County Courthouse.

The heart of the business district is nestled along U.S. Highway 101, renamed Robert Bush Drive as it curves through the town. Antique shops, boutiques and gift shops are nestled between the grocery and other retail stores.

South Bend's yearly festivals include an Oyster Stampede on Memorial Day weekend and a Labor Day Weekend extravaganza which includes a parade.

As is the case throughout Pacific County, fishing and hunting are excellent around South Bend, which provides a free boat launch into the Willapa River just south of the city limits.

South Bend Park, located just east of Robert Bush Drive, has tennis courts and baseball diamonds available and the city is home to the only commercial bowling alley in the area.

Robert Bush, by the way, is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner from our county. A sculpture of him is next to the Boondocks Restaurant.


Population: 1,727

Zip code: 98586

South Bend, Pacific County's picturesque county seat, was founded in 1875.

It is a superb place to buy and eat oysters and to soak up the ambiance of a rare, beautiful place that is, as yet, relatively unaffected by tourism and development pressures.

Take time in South Bend to visit the incredible historic courthouse and to stroll along the compact downtown waterfront. See Page 52 for information on the Pacific County Museum.

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