Campfire burn ban levels

OLYMPIA — Effective immediately, Washington State Parks is banning wood and charcoal fires at its parks statewide and on ocean beaches in the Seashore Conservation Area, the agency said Sept. 8.

The campfire ban is in response to hot, dry and windy weather conditions and numerous wildfires that have affected much of the state in the past few days. The ban will continue at least through Sept. 15, giving staff time to assess the situation over the upcoming weekend.

At a minimum, state parks will be at a level 3 campfire ban, which prohibits the use of wood or charcoal but allows for gas or propane self-contained camping stoves and fire pits. This includes Cape Disappointment State Park and Fort Columbia State Park in Pacific County. Many state parks are at a level 4, which prohibits any kind of open flame. This includes Leadbetter Point State Park in Pacific County. The ban in the Seashore Conservation Area applies to all ocean beaches in Pacific County and elsewhere on the outer coast.

State Parks advises people to check campfire ban levels before they head out to a park and to be prepared for restrictions to change at any time without notice.

The public also can get updates on conditions at state parks throughout the year in several ways:

Visit a specific state park and check under the “Alert Center” of the park’s page.

Sign up to get alerts about parks delivered by email.

With weather conditions adding to the stress of the covid-19 pandemic, State Parks also reminds people to recreate responsibly by practicing social distancing and wearing masks when six feet of separation is not possible. For more tips on responsible recreation, visit:

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