'In View" is an occasional photo essay series that is meant to give the "feel" of a person, place or thing.

Is it the antique wallpaper that dots along the curves of the ceiling? The bright red hymnals placed along the old wooden pews and folding chairs? The oil lamps that remain, while electricity is missing? The sound of the pump organ as you walk up to the red front doors?

The "feel" of the Oysterville Church, built in 1892, is an old one, one which has been frozen in a time other than our own. It is fitting that such a classic place resides in such a classic town as Oysterville.

A tradition that has made it to our modern times at the church is the Sunday afternoon vesper services during summer months - an intermingling of spiritual and contemporary music and words. Each week a different musical performer or group fills the room with song. A local preacher has some choice words from the Good Book. Organists Suzanne Knutzen or Inez Greenfield take to the task of playing the pump organ.

The building's caretaker Sydney Stevens welcomes the gathered crowd each week with a new story of old Oysterville, her husband Nyel waits by the front doors, welcoming all-comers. It's a "come as you are" affair, casual in nature but satisfying all the same.

Vesper services will continue each Sunday at 3 p.m. (save for Aug. 19) through Sept. 2.

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