The Q&A - Is a kiss from her baby boy BRANDY?FERGUSON’s best kiss ever?

Brandy Ferguson

What’s your favorite sport or activity?

My favorite activity totally has to be crafting, and I use that term loosely. Crafting is anything from making stuff with paper to making things by repurposing or recycling. I’ve come up with some kind of neat things and share them with friends. My daughter and I do craft days and we started inviting her friends. The other day we had a cake ball day, it was so fun. There were 11 children present; we have cake balls coming out of our ears!

Tell me about your best kiss.

I have to say it would have to have been one I just had not too long ago. There’s a point when babies learn how to communicate, they develop new ways to socialize. And there’s different stages, like sorting things. Like the laundry goes from neat stacks to piles of colors on the floor. Right now, Angus is at the stage when a child reaches that age when they make their own decision that they want to give a kiss, and they just selflessly do it. I almost started crying because he grabbed my face and gave me this baby kiss — which is slobber — right on my nose. And he’s started saying “ilufyou.” It’s all one word.

What is one of your favorite memories as a child?

I have to say baking with my mom. It’s just something I just love to do, and I like to bake with Cassidy. I can’t bake with Angus because he’d just throw flour everywhere. But it helps teach fractions because we usually double batches, so we sit down together and do the math.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever conquered?

Goodness, you know, the biggest challenge I think has just been when my husband and I started our family. Cassidy has a heart condition — she has a three-chamber heart. Before she was born, the doctors told us, “Up until 23 weeks, you can abort. After 23 weeks, you can’t abort.” And we said, “We’re not aborting.” Initially they pre-diagnosed her with DiGeorge syndrome or trisomy 18 .... We went to our very first ultrasound and that’s what they told us, and as first time parents we were floored. But we worked through it. Within the first year — in and out of the hospital — she only spent six months at home. That first year was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now you’d never know it — when she goes back to the hospital, the nurses tell me she is the happiest patient. She will have to have another surgery for her prosthetic valve around 10 or 12. But we’ve kept all the photos of her to show her what she looked like coming out of surgery and show her what she went through. She’s our million dollar baby.

What do you get complimented on most?

People compliment me the most on being creative or crafty, or coming up with new ways of doing things. People will say, “Oh I never thought of doing it that way.” It’s kind of cool.

Have you ever pulled a prank on someone?

Oh yes. I did. The best prank I ever played was when I was in cross country skiing, we had to ride the school bus to our meets. One of my teammates, we were giving him a hard time because he looked like Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” He wore those floppy hats with the stripes on them. He fell asleep and we wanted to use his CD player. We had asked if we could use it and he said no, so we were feeling put out. So we tied the straps of his duffel bag to the bars on the rack above the seats and unzipped the bag so that when he got up to get the bag, everything fell out of it.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

“Two if by Sea.” It has Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary, it’s about an art thief who goes to Maine with his girlfriend from New Jersey. It’s not kid-friendly, but it’s hilarious. I have the soundtrack and I could probably quote you the whole movie.

Tell me a joke.

Tell you a joke? Oh my. That’s a hard one. My jokes are so sarcastic, people are gonna think I’m meanie. Cassidy was telling me knock-knock jokes the other day, but she finds the weirdest things funny. That’s the horriblest question to ask me. My husband says I’m terrible at telling jokes. I always mess up the punch line or I forget the punch line. I don’t know, maybe it’s stage fright.

Brandy Ferguson is originally from Vermont and met her husband, Scott, when they were both in the Navy and stationed on the same ship. Six years ago, they decided to settle on the West Coast and call the Peninsula home. Formerly the Ilwaco city clerk, Ferguson now works as the district secretary and finance officer for Pacific County Fire District No. 1. She has two children, 8-year-old Cassidy and 15-month-old Angus.

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