SEAVIEW - Martha Stewart "Living" Magazine named The Shelburne Inn in Seaview one of seven favorite historic inns in the United States and one of two on the West Coast.

In the January 2003 issue of the magazine, there appeared an article entitled, "Hotels With a Sense of the Past."

The article, written by Christine Ryan, celebrated the fact that guests are "provided the chance to put their feet up in an historic setting, as though they actually lived there or were a guest."

Ryan also noted that the best historic inns "combine an up-close glimpse of a bygone era with modern amenities such as well-appointed bathrooms and data ports for travelers' laptops."

The Shelburne Inn recently installed a computerized reservation system, so that guests can now make their reservations on-line, with a few clicks of the mouse. Also, in a small library of the inn lobby, a computer has been installed exclusively for guests' use with DSL hook-up. Optionally, guests may plug their own laptop in to access the Internet.

Ryan also cited the fact that visitors to the Peninsula "can walk the same sand trod by Lewis and Clark."

Shelburne Inn owners and 25-year veteran innkeepers, David Campiche and Laurie Anderson said, "It's gratifying to have The Shelbume Inn recognized in a major publication such as this precisely for its history. The job of restoring and maintaining a historic building can be overwhelming at times, and it means a lot to us when others appreciate this old building and its colorful past."

Campiche and Anderson also own and operate China Beach Retreat in Ilwaco.

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