OYSTERVILLE - Residents of Oysterville will share tales of their town's colorful past and talk with visitors about the efforts being made to preserve the village for future generations during Vintage Oysterville this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The event, a fundraiser sponsored by the Oysterville Restoration Foundation, will feature tours of homes and other buildings in the National Historic District. In addition, architect Jack Williams, chairman of the Governor's Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for the State of Washington, will talk about the "two P's" necessary in successful preservation - "Patience" and "Partnerships."

"It is a special treat to have Jack's participation," according to Chairperson Sydney Stevens. "Not only do we consider him 'a local' due to his many family connections here on the Peninsula but, more specifically, Jack has played an active role in Oysterville's preservation efforts over the years."

Proceeds from Vintage Oysterville will be used toward offsetting expenses incurred in the two-year Oysterville Church Exteriors Project, a preservation effort that has cost $70,000 to date. Work on the church has been extensive and has included partial roof replacement, strengthening the foundation, reinforcing the belfry, replacement of dry-rotted siding and structural members, replacement of an original window, installation of additional venting and painting the exterior.

Thus far the Oysterville Restoration Foundation has raised over $11,000 from individuals and businesses and has received $42,000 in grants to help defray the expense. Vintage Oysterville organizers are looking forward to "showing off" the church's sparkling new look.

"A very special feature of the event," says Stevens, "will be the conducted, hour-long tours of houses in the Oysterville National Historic District." Among the tour choices will be an old home, a new home, and a home "in transition."

"Those of us who live in Oysterville get many requests from people who are interested in taking a look at the inside of our homes. We are pleased that Vintage Oysterville will provide that opportunity," says Stevens.

The $25 tickets for Vintage Oysterville will be available at the event or can be reserved by calling Sydney Stevens at 665-4716. Participants are urged to be at the "staging area" at the Oysterville School a few minutes early to ensure getting the tours of their choice.

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