Rat rods in 2018

Rat rods were a popular draw at Wilson Field during the 2018 Rod Run to the End of the World.

As President of the Beach Barons Car Club I am pleased to welcome you to our 36th annual Rod Run to the End of the World. The Beach Barons have approximately 100 members. Because we are on the coast we have our share of rain. There are times that our field is covered with water. When the water goes down the maintenance begins and our members work hard to get the field in shape for the show.

As a club we try to do a cruise once a month to a restaurant for lunch within 100 miles of Ocean Park. Sometimes a member has a trivia contest which adds some fun.

We do our share of donating to the local food bank and other. nonprofit organizations in the community. We award scholarships to graduating seniors to help them with college.

Elsewhere in the paper you will find the history of our club. I hope you will take a couple of minutes to read through it.

We hope you had a good trip coming here and that you enjoy your stay. By Saturday morning we will have more than 800 cars on our field that have been given loving care by their owners. You know you are seeing a car enthusiast when you see a man or woman with a rag in one hand and a big bottle of polish in the other. They are prepared at all times to give their car that loving touch.

If you are here on Friday, the Ilwaco Merchants Association is sponsoring the Slow Drags. They are a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. See more details on page 22.


• ATMs: We have two machines on the field. ATMs are located at registration and on vendor row.

• T-SHIRTS: The T-shirt booth is located on the east side of the field on the north end of the gray building. Here you will find this year’s T-shirts, hats, tank tops and sweatshirts. There will be a big sign hanging over the window.

• DOOR PRIZES: The door prize booth is next to the T-shirt booth. All our door prizes are · on display here. Door prizes are for Rod Run participants only. In addition to the one ticket that is in the participant packet more tickets may be purchased. In order to buy tickets you must be wearing your wristband. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

• REGISTRATION: The registration booth is also located in the gray building. This is where you can register for the show or pick up your packet if you have already registered. These members and volunteers can help you with registration and answer questions.

• SOUVENIR/NOSTALGIA: The souvenir/nostalgia booth is located in the south end of the gray building. Here can be found some items from past shows. Drop by and chat with the helpers.


The Information Booth is located on the east end of the field also. These volunteers should be able to tell you all about the Rod Run as well as give you more information about our Peninsula. Test their knowledge.

We are having our annual Engine Raffle. You can’t miss it. Just follow the roar of the engine. Only $1 will get you a chance to win this engine.

There will be ladies walking around in poodle skirts both Saturday and Sunday selling 50/50 tickets. This is a fun raffle and can be pretty lucrative.

Again this year we will be having a Swap Meet at the south end of the field. You never know what you’ll find on one of the tables or in a box. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Our Poker Run on Sunday morning is for participants only. We limit the run to 75 cars. Registration for this is Saturday. This is a good way to see some of our beautiful Peninsula.

We have a big variety of vendors selling food and other items. Even if you don’t buy anything, stroll around and check them out You may find something that you can’t resist.


As you walk around looking at all the cars, you will notice blue garbage cans with signs on them inviting you to vote for your favorite car. If you are a participant you will find a participant’s choice ballot and a host car ballot in your packet. If you are a spectator you should have a ballot that was given to you as you entered the show. Place these ballots in the appropriate garbage cans.

Trophies will be given out to the participants at 2 p.m. on Sunday from our covered stage area. The top three winning cars will be on display here also. These cars will then be on our T-shirts next year. It is a way of showing our appreciation to the participants.

We will be having great entertainment Saturday and Sunday provided by our own Beach Baron DJ. Thanks, Stan.

We hope you have a great time at our Rod Run. Thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Joe Natoli, President

Keith Gribner, Vice President

Vicki Beamguard, Secretary

Natalie Kinman, Treasurer

Board members:

Roger Taylor

JR Kelley

George Coleman

Matt Barnes

Richard Willis

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