PACIFIC COUNTY — June 10 marked the last day for local candidates to file their intentions to run for public office. Seventy-seven candidates have filed, but the only local contested races appear to be for a Long Beach City Council position, a hospital commission seat, and a North Beach Water District Commission opening.

For Ilwaco City Council, Don Berger has filed for the #2 seat and Gary Forner for the #5 seat. 

In Long Beach, Steven Linhart has filed for City Council Member #1, Mark Perez and Rhonda Benson will campaign for the #2 spot, and Del Murray will run for City Council Member #3. Mayor Bob Andrew is running unopposed.

For Pacific County Fire District No. 1, Tom Downer has filed for the Fire Commissioner #3 spot. In Pacific County Fire District No. 2, Leslie Colvin has filed for Fire Commissioner #2, and Dale Hughes has filed for Fire Commissioner #3. Over at Pacific County Fire District No. 4 in Naselle, John Alves, Jr., has filed for the Fire Commissioner #3 slot.

For Ocean Beach School District, Marilyn Sheldon has withdrawn her name from running for the School Director #1 position. Kathy Mathews is running for the slot unopposed. Kim Patten and Sandra Stonebreaker have filed for School Director #2 and #5, respectively. 

In Naselle-Grays River Valley School District, Robert Torppa has filed for School Director #1, Hollis Fletcher has filed for School Director #3, and Edmund Darcher for School Director #5.

At local ports, Ken Greenfield has filed for Port of Chinook Commissioner #3; Dave Nichols for Ilwaco Port Commissioner #2; Les Swensen for Ilwaco Port Commissioner #3; and Cindy Bade for Port of Peninsula Commissioner #2.

DeWayne LaPointe and Nancy Gorshe will campaign for the Hospital Commissioner #1 spot. 

For the Chinook Water District, Charles Stuart has filed for Water Commissioner #1, Stewart Simonson for Water Commissioner #2, and Kenneth Osborne for Water Commissioner #3. 

Gwen Brake and Glenn Ripley will campaign for North Beach Water District Commissioner #2.

In Sewer District 1, Brett Malin has filed for Sewer Commissioner #1 and Randall Lofstrom has filed for Sewer Commissioner #2. 

To see who else has filed for the upcoming    election, log onto

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