OYSTERVILLE - What would Isaac and R.H. have to say? What would they think?

Saturday, Aug. 30, on the shore of Willapa Bay, Abigail Hook and Dan Ronco pledge themselves to each other.

Around 150 years ago R.H. Espy and Isaac Whealdon pledged themselves to this stretch of land called the Long Beach Peninsula. R.H. saw his future at the north end of the Peninsula on Willapa Bay with the oysters. Isaac settled in the south end overlooking the mouth of the Columbia river.

Both men committed themselves and family to the future here. Both men would be exceedingly pleased today to see their great-great-great-granddaughter Abigail pledging her troth here where each generation has returned to its ancestral roots.

It all began when Isaac Whealdon married Mary Ann Grouille who begat Eliza who married L.D. Williams and begat Walter who married Berntza Olsen who begat Brongwyn who married Barbara Espy who begat BronGwyn who married James Hook who begat Abigail who is marrying Dan Ronco.

R.H. Espy married Julia Jefferson and begat Cecil who married Ruth Davis who begat Barbara who married Brongwyn Williams who begat BronGwyn who begat Abigail.

So if R.H. and Isaac happened to meet today, I'm sure they would shake hands and congratulate each other on decisions well made and a job well done when they planted the roots for the coming generations!


-Submitted by

Virginia Williams Jones

(Brongwyn Williams' sister)

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