Jack Williams Jr. was born in Ilwaco the 1920s into a lively and accomplished pioneer Peninsula family. In 1942 the Peninsula was pleased to read that he had won appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Commissioned in June of 1946, Williams served first on a destroyer, the Duncan, then the first of five submarines, the Pomodon. Next came the Chivo, and Williams' promotion to lieutenant.

By 1962, in the depths of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, Williams held the rank of Commander and was in charge of the nuclear submarine Haddo, a vessel "equipped for quiet operating, deep diving, and extended sonar ranging."

In 1979 the Observer was glad to pass along a Navy press release: "Rear Admiral John G. Williams, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. 'Jack' Williams of Ilwaco, was recently promoted to the rank of vice-admiral in the United States Navy. At the time of his promotion, Williams was serving as Director of General Planning and Programming in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. The promotion carries with it a reassignment as the Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff of the entire U. S. Pacific Fleet.

"Vice-Admiral Williams was born in Portland, Ore., on July 24, 1924, and received his elementary and high school education in Ilwaco, graduating from Ilwaco High School. He later was graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1945. Most of his Navy duty has been in submarine operations having been commander of the submarines Starret, Haddo, and the Daniel Webster.

"Williams has also served as the commander of the Pacific submarine fleet from San Diego and has been stationed in Rota, Spain, as commander of the Atlantic submarine fleet. He spent two years in Turkey working with the U.S. Aid program to the Turkish navy.

"Williams is married to the former Dorothy Trondsen of Ocean Park and has five children, John G. Williams III, Trond R., Curtis, Brongwyn K. and one daughter, Barbara C."

-Nov. 29, 1979

• • •

"The Deputy to the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Vice Admiral John G. Williams, Jr., has been named Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Submarine Warfare. The announcement was made June 9 in Washington D. C. ... The move to Washington, D. C., to assume his duties will take place this fall."

-Aug. 21, 1980

Williams retired not too long after that last promotion, and he and Dorothy returned to the Peninsula, to a home overlooking the water, where they set to work volunteering with groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Ocean Beach School Board.

The Peninsula was proud of Williams' distinguished career, and pleased to have him home.

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