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... and the saga of Dad looking for information continues. When last we left him, he requested a Senior Resource Directory and that was all he wanted, thank you very much. (You see, he had been overwhelmed by too much information he couldn't use, and was wise enough not to jump into that particular pile again.)

Time passes, and Dad picks up the phone to call Senior I & A again. He has some questions ... Dad thanks us for the information we sent, and now feels a little more confident - at least about what he doesn't want/need. So where do we go from here?

Typically, we let Dad feel his way around what services he might be interested in - and he wants to make it very clear that he's able to take care of himself - he just wants information. During the course of the conversation, we find at least a couple areas that may benefit him. Something like:

(I & A) "Are you receiving Social Security and Medicare?"

(DAD) "Yeah, I worked all my life for it."

"Is that covering everything you need?"

"Everything's fine ... well, it would be if my medicines didn't keep me broke."

(Aha!) "So you don't have any supplemental insurance that covers your prescriptions?"

"Well, I did - when I was still working, but I didn't need so !##*! many then."

"We have several options for reducing the costs of prescriptions. How about we send you a flyer with different options, and you let us know how we can help you with them? Would that work?"

"Well, I guess I could give 'em a look, anyway. Probably can't hurt. Besides, it seems like I'm having more and more tests and doctor appointments each year."

"Do you have any problem getting to your appointments?"

"No, I drive myself ... most of the time. Sometimes the longer trips make my back act up, so I have to re-schedule, but ... "

"If we gave you information on some transportation help that might be available would that be something you could use?"

"Maybe ... depends on how it works out. I've seen some of those buses and they don't look like they'd be much better on my back. But if someone with a car was willing to help, maybe I'd consider it."

"We could also put you in touch with folks at the VA if you're a veteran, and someone who could help you find some affordable supplemental insurance. Would you be interested?"

"I'm not a vet, but ... you know, let's just work on what we got today and see how it all goes."

Dad's getting a little more focused on his search ... still a lot of "maybe's." Dad's cautious ... and a la Martha Stewart, "It's a good thing."

Long Beach: 642-3634/1-888-571-6558

Raymond: 942-2177/1-888-571-6557

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