NASELLE - Alicia Aho of Seattle, the granddaughter of Pat and George Vernon of Naselle and the daughter of Mitch and Cathy Aho of Lynnwood, came on strong in the closing minutes to win her first day of competition on the TV show Jeopardy! The show, which was filmed earlier this year, aired on the ABC TV network Tuesday, March 7.

Alicia, had passed a series of tests and interviews to appear on the show. She was described by game show host Alex Trebeck as a Seattle book seller. In the televised show, Alicia competed against Bruce, a substitute teacher who had won nearly $30,000 on the previous show, and Michael, a young Canadian actor.

Bruce built a big early lead with correct responses to eight questions and also to an unusal amount wagered on the first "Daily Double," an amount of $3,389. When he gave the correct response to the daily double, his early money total grew into the big lead.

Trebeck asked Bruce how he had selected such an odd amount to wager, he responded, "The $89 is what a substitute teacher gets paid for a day of teaching. The money that I won in the first show (less than $30,000) is about what I make in a year of teaching."

But Bruce's luck changed in Final Jeopardy! The clue given was, "Geographic Nicknames," with the clue: "From the 1795 poem 'Erin:' 'nor one feeling of vengeance presume to defile/the curse or the men, of' this place."

Going first, Michael responded with the answer "Ireland" which was incorrect and he lost his $1,000 wager, finishing with $2,000. Alicia was the next to respond with "the Emerald Isle" which was the correct response. With her $11,000 wager, she brought her total winnings to $28,000 for the day.

Bruce, with a total of $17,789 was the last to resond and a correct response and a wager of about $11,000 would give him the win. His response of "Ireland" was also incorrect. With his wager of $17,000 subtracted from his total, he finished third on this day with $789. With her winnings of $28,000 and the daily championship intact, Alicia was primed to move on the next round of competition.

Unfortunately, the next day's program, which aired on March 8, was not to be as kind to Alicia when she competed with Erin, a law student, and Randy, a high school English teacher.

Randy jumped out to a big lead by providing the correct responses to 10 questions, with several of the questions pertainining to "NFL Players' Jersey Numbers" in the first round. Erin answered only one question in the first round while Alicia gave an incorrect response to a $1,000 question before rebounding with three correct answers. Randy led after one round with $4,600, compared to Alicia's $800 and Erin's $200.

The second round was a continuation of the same pattern and the score after Single Jeopardy! was Randy $6,000, with Erin and Alicia tied at $2,000.

The Double Jeaopardy! round saw both women make some inroads on Randy's lead. However, Randy was to make a late charge which brought his total to $10,400. Erin had a steady round as she advanced her total to $8,400. Alicia had an up and down round where she eventually brought her total to $5,200, with an opportunity at a Double Jeopardy! question and only two questions remaining in the game.

Alicia "bet the farm" on a true Daily Double, wagering all of her $5,200. Unfortunately she provided an incorrect response, knocking her winnings down to zero. She then answered the last two questions to finish with $2,400 going into Final Jeopardy!

The final clue was "Shakespeare" and the final statement was, "This 3-word phrase is the only Latin words spoken in Julius Caesar." Alicia, going first, provided the correct response. "Et Tu Brute" and her $2,400 wager brought her final total to $4,800.

Unfortunately for Alicia, each of her opponents, in turn, provided the correct response. Erin wagered $6,001, to bring her total to $14,601. Randy wagered $8,400 and his correct response gave him a daily winning total of $18,800. Randy's win ended Alicia's two days on Jeopardy!

Andy Warhol said that every person will have 15 minutes of fame. Alicia Aho has already surpassed that 15 minutes with her two days of successful participation on a national TV show.

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