SEAVIEW - For the third year in a row, has won the prestigious Golden Web Award. This award, given for "creativity, integrity and excellence on the web" is presented by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers.

"I'm pleased," said Keleigh Schwartz, of, the company responsible for development and maintenance of the Web site. "This award is judged by our peers, who have membership in 145 countries around the world."

According to, there were 3,083,324,652 Web sites on July 14, 2003, with growth continuing to occur at a rate of approximately four per minute. In order to be recognized by Web site award and review programs, a Web site must rise to the top of a very large pool. Webmasters do this by constantly reviewing and adjusting the Web site's standing in search engines.

"We review search engine standings on a weekly basis," adds Keith Schwartz, also of "Because the competition for placement is so intense, the search engines change algorithms constantly and we make regular adjustments in response."

The Web site's success is also being taken into the classroom, as recently demonstrated when it was chosen to serve as a lesson plan for "Solutions that Work: The West Virginia Turnkey Solution Project." This project, one of the recipients of a 1999 U.S. Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, is using as a model to teach teachers effective technology.

Another scholastic recognition of the site comes from Kaplan College, New York, N.Y., which is using as an example of a top notch Web site in their internet technology classes.

In addition to the Golden Web Award, garnered 15 awards during 2002 and has another five for 2003 to date see (

"I see the Peninsula like a kid who has the best toy ever and I can hardly wait to share it," Keleigh said. "The most rewarding acknowledgment comes from those who use the site and write to tell us it reflects their impression of this incredible place. If site visitors see what I see here, they can't help but fall in love!"

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