LONG BEACH - More than 30 antique cars made their way to Long Beach for the 3rd Annual Bare Bones Car Show Saturday. A free event put on by the Eerie 8s, the show accepted all types of pre-1975 cars but specifically encouraged attendance from what some might deem "diamonds in the rough." In past years, the event has received as many as 60 entries.

Cars from several decades lined the perimeter of Funland's backfield - some buffed and shined while others were dusty works in progress. Without any prizes or awards to stress over, participants gathered simply for the sake of appreciation and nostalgia. Many car connoisseurs strolled along with cameras in hand, preserving memories of some of their favorite hot rods while others couldn't resist taking a peek under the hood. Later in the evening, participants and guests were entertained by tunes performed by Portland band, The Flapjacks.

Quite possibly the most eye-catching entry might have been a vehicle owned by Eric Johnson of Clatskanie. After two months of spending every night and weekend on his 1969 Volkswagen Beetle and even dodging a swarm of bees living beneath the headliner, Johnson completed the flat black, spider-web detailed, highly modified "rat bug."

Other interesting entries included several Beach Barons Car Club members' cars, a 1958 Plymouth station wagon and a 1949 Ford that was modified from a sedan into a roadster.

"The Peninsula is a mecca for car shows because of the Beach Barons, so we wanted to create a casual, no work car show that would encourage people to show their daily drivers and rusty old heaps," explained Eerie 8s President Del Murry. "We encourage project cars - you don't have to have put money into it. It's all about bringing together people that appreciate old cars in a hot-rod-centralized place."

A club started by Murry and friend Jeff Patterson, the Eerie 8s is a group geared toward younger generations of car collectors and currently has eight members, some of which live as far as Portland. The Bare Bones Car Show is held every year in Long Beach during the weekend following the Fourth of July. For more information about the Eerie 8s and their events, contact Murry at 642-2215.

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