SEAVIEW - Sometimes a random act of kindness can "Bear" unexpected results. While bringing their dog Isabelle in for a follow up check to the Oceanside Animal Clinic after she was hit by a car, Ginger Harshman noticed the jar on the counter for the Bear Fund.

In its sixth year, the clinic holds an annual holiday raffle for a computer donated by William G. Mundy to raise money to help pay for medical care for homeless or special case animals which otherwise might not receive the treatment they need. The fund is named in honor of Mundy's devoted 17-year pet companion, a little Lhasa Apso dog named Bear who died in 2001.

Along with their dog and two cats, the Harshman family also looks after some stray cats at their Peninsula home. They have sympathy for those down-on-their-luck animals at the fringes of human habitations. So Ginger Harshman decided to donate to the Bear fund as well, entering the raffle.

In late December, she was surprised to learn she was the winner and proud new owner of the computer.

An educational theme seems to be developing for Bear Fund winners. Last year's winner Laurel Kelly already had a new computer, so donated her win to the Ocean Park Elementary School.

This year, the computer has also gone to a student, Ginger and Royal Harshman's daughter Meghan. She had volunteered in the Peace Corps in Madagascar and enjoyed teaching there. When she returned to the states she enrolled at Heritage University near Seattle to work on a master's teaching certificate, but didn't have a computer.

She is not the only family member dedicated to education and teaching. Ginger is a teacher and still involved in educational organizations. Son, Matt, is enrolled in Central Washington University at Ellensburg also earning a teaching credential.

This year, the raffle raised $1,756 for the fund.

Royal Harshman said he and his family believe the commitment to caring for animals speaks well of the community, especially the Humane Society and veterinarians Catherine Lindblad and Ed Ketel.

along with all their staff at Oceanside Animal Clinic. "They are just wonderful," he said.

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