Ben Suprunowski excited to be home after car crash

Ben Suprunowski, center, is recuperating after 14 surgeries and over 30 procedures saved his life following a motor vehicle accident Dec. 20. "John and I are praising God for allowing Ben to come home, but we would praise him no matter what," Karen Suprunowski said.

OCEAN PARK — “When we were driving through Long Beach I got so excited to finally be coming home,” Ben Suprunowski said Feb. 5 as he returned to Ocean Park after being hospitalized in Portland since an auto accident Dec. 20.

“John and I are praising God for allowing Ben to come home, but we would praise Him no matter what,” Karen Suprunowski said after returning from Portland Wednesday, Feb. 23 where her went for checkups. He has had 14 major surgeries, over 30 procedures and had his spleen, gallbladder and part of his pancreas and colon removed. He cannot stand until his pelvis, which was broken into four places, heals more. 

“I got clearance to take a shower yesterday and that’s going to be great,” Ben said with his broad smile. After being teased about “no shower for two months” by his sister, Danae, and his parents, John again became serious. “We want to thank all those who brought meals, gave in other ways, and for their care and concern.”

Karen added, “And for your prayers. God used the blog ( for good.” She did not leave the hospital area for 47 days and John left only twice to go to Tacoma to visit his mother Irene who recently passed away. “It was quite a decision. I wanted to say goodbye to my mom one more time and that was the time Ben was starting to wake up and I wanted to say ‘hello’ to him.” 

Ben was home for Christmas vacation from Eternity Bible College in California when the accident near the Chinook Tunnel occurred. He said, “I want to be able to walk in a couple of months. I would like to work this summer at the Dunes Bible Camp with my folks. I want to be able to ride a lawnmower and I want to play pickle ball.”

His goals also include going back to college to study science, but he is undecided on an exact major field of study. “I’ll be a year behind, but since I took Running Start I got my A.A. degree from Clatsop College and I was a year younger than everyone else,” he explained. “I’m feeling better every week. I feel like I am healing well. I want to thank everyone because I don’t think I could have done it without your support.”

Ben has received a stack of letters nearly a foot high from well-wishers. He also was given a quilt from Peninsula Baptist Church. He will be part of a upcoming trauma-care seminar in which all of the procedures from the time of the accident will be discussed. “Everyone’s response from the EMTs to the helicopter to the doctors at Columbia Memorial to the specialists in Portland all went perfectly. It all had to for Ben to survive,” Karen said.

“We know that God is using this situation for his glory. It isn’t easy, but we can be assured in the fact that God’s ways are perfect and his ways are not always our ways,” Karen and John agreed. Ben nodded quietly and then headed for the shower, smiling.

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