ILWACO — After conducting city business for more than 90 days with two vacated council seats, the Ilwaco City Council again has a full board following the county’s appointment of two new members last week.

Former council members Will Greene and Gini Chin announced their resignations in February, leaving the remaining council with the task of appointing new council members to fill the positions. But as of early last week, the council — David Jensen, Fred Marshall and Gary Forner — failed to appoint any new members to the council.

Washington law states, “If a governing body fails to appoint a qualified person to fill a vacancy within 90 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, the authority of the governing body to fill the vacancy shall cease and the county legislative authority of the county in which all or the largest geographic portion of the city, town, or special district is located shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy.”

On May 10, the Pacific County Commissioners met and appointed Don Berger to Council Position 2 and Al “Butch” Smith to Council Position 4. Both have been sworn in and are ready to take office. 

The new appointees, along with Forner, will be required to file and run for reelection in November if they want to continue serving next year. (Forner was appointed to council position 5 in January 2010.) All three must file the week of June 6-10 if they wish to be considered for election in November 2011. Therefore, Ilwaco has three positions open for filing: Council Position 2, two-year term expires December 2013, $24 filing fee; Council Position 4; four-year term expires December 2015, $24 filing fee; and Council Position 5; short and full term expires December 2015, $24 filing fee. 

Anyone who wishes to file for any of the three seats must do so the week of June 6-10. Candidates may file from online or at the Auditor’s Office. The online filing will open at 8 a.m. on June 6.

The City of Long Beach also has positions open for the next election: Mayor, four-year term, $60 filing fee; Council Position 1, four-year term, $36 filing fee; Council Position 2, four-year term, $36 filing fee; and Council Position 3, four-year term, $36 filing fee. For information on filing, contact Long Beach City Hall at 642-4421.

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