Best of the Peninsula featured in new look visitors guide

Best of the Peninsula featured in new look visitors guide

LONG BEACH - The 2010 edition of Discovery Coast, the Chinook Observer's multi-award-winning guide to Pacific County's amazing communities and attractions, arrived Tuesday. More than 60,000 copies are being delivered to dozens of locations throughout the region.

The guide has been totally reconfigured this year by top designer John Brujin to showcase our coast's spectacular scenery. Discovery Coast's cover features Roy Western's photograph of North Head Lighthouse on a flowery summer day.

The entire 2010 Discovery Coast, with live Web links to advertisers' own Web sites, is available now in an easy-to-explore page-flip format at This means that tens of thousands of additional visitors will see the ads and read the Discovery Coast's stories.

On top of being our Peninsula's premier marketing tool, Discovery Coast is where results of our annual Best of the Discovery Coast reader survey are published. Pick up your copy soon to see results helpful to visitors trying to find things like the best fish and chips (the Imperial Schooner) or best place to buy picnic supplies (Okie's Thriftway).

Other Best of the Discovery Coast results are just for local people, identifying our favorite teachers, doctors, mechanics and other individuals who play key roles every day in making this an exceptional place to live.

We're pleased and proud to announce this year's results:

Greatest community volunteers:

1. Shelly Pollock of Grass Roots Garbage Gang

2. Eileen Wirkkala of Friends of Chinook School

3. Martha Murfin of F.I.S.H.

Most beloved doctor (an enthusiastic majority): Dr. Albert Fabiano

Most gentle dentist (an enthusiastic majority): Dr. Jason Tynkila

Best veterinarians (a very enthusiastic majority): Drs. Katherine and Ed Ketel

Most respected real estate person (two-way tie): Cheri Diehl of Discovery Coast Real Estate and Char Wolters of Lighthouse Realty

Most trusted mechanic: Al Hilderman

Favorite postal worker: Post Master Karen Harrell of the Long Beach Post Office

Favorite policeman, deputy or emergency responder (two-way tie): Long Beach Police Chief Flint Wright and Pacific County Fire District No. 1 EMT Dave. (The returned ballots didn't specify Dave's last name and since several PCFD1's responders go by that name, they all can consider themselves winners!)

Favorite Ocean Park teacher (an enthusiastic majority): Martha Williams

Favorite Long Beach teachers (three-way tie): Joe Doupe, Jessica Miller and Michelle Marshman

Favorite Ilwaco teacher: Dan Schenk

Favorite Naselle teacher: Marina Smith

Favorite coach: Sara Taylor

Friendliest waitress: Laura Gilgore at The Depot

Most understanding bartender: Gini Chin at Raven & Finch

Favorite contractor: Don Anderson of Peninsula Plumbing

Best pet groomer: Lucy Dreyer of Happy Tails

Congratulations to one and all. Pick up your copy of Discovery Coast to vote in next year's survey or look for copies of the ballot this summer in the Chinook Observer.

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