LONG BEACH PENINSULA — The future of Long Beach’s afterschool programs is still unclear.

As promised at the Long Beach Peninsula Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors Dec. 3 community forum, the directors provided the community with an update on Tuesday, Dec. 17. However, the update doesn’t provide answers on what the club’s future will look like.

During the Dec. 3 forum, the directors said they’re aiming to re-open the club by February.

“Unfortunately, there was not a clear message as to how the community feels regarding the best way to move forward. The Board is continuing to work forward with options,” reads the board’s statement. “We are working on creating a stronger sustainability plan, business plan and a new budget for 2020.”

The board listed six main takeaways from the Dec. 3 forum. The takeaways include making an afterschool program affordable, having positive role models in the program, and hosting enrichment programs like play time.

“The ability to have positive interactions with youth seems to be imperative to participants,” reads the board’s statement. “The program needs to be a ‘safe’ place with trusted adults and a place for the members to call ‘their own.’”

The board also acknowledged that it needs to decide whether to host the program at one central location or several, and if the program should be held at school. No decisions were made on either topic.

“In order to continue moving forward we still need your support, both in funding and in volunteers (board members and committee members),” reads the statement. “Even though we are temporarily closed, we still need funds for ongoing bills.”

The club is accepting donations through two main platforms. The first is through the club itself, at http://longbeachbgc.com/donate.

The second is through the South Pacific County Community Foundation, at https://spccf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/create?unit_id=1060.

Donations made to the SPCCF fund will be reimbursed if the fund doesn’t reach $100,000 in donations.

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