Brian Macy comes home to teach, coach

Brian Macy comes home to teach, coach

NASELLE - Naselle native Brian Macy has returned to the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District to teach and coach. A graduate of the NHS class of 1984, Macy has been a teacher, administrator, and coach in the Ocosta School District since receiving his college diploma.

Macy said, "I grew up in the Naselle area and participated in football, basketball and track. I was lucky to have been coached by Lyle Patterson in high school, whose influence was instrumental in my pursuing a career in education.

"I graduated from Naselle in 1984, received a B.A. in education from Eastern Washington University in 1990, and an Education Leadership (principal credentials) Master's Degree from City University in 2002."

Macy is teaching history, math and P.E. He is presently assisting with the football program and will be the head coach of the high school boys basketball this winter.

Macy is married to the second- grade teacher at Naselle Elementary, Wendy Macy.

"Our son is a seventh grader this year at Naselle. My mother Jackie Macy, still resides in Naselle. My father, Benny Macy, who passed away in 1996, was a 1961 graduate of Naselle. I have two sisters Tracee Riekkola and Mindy McNulty, who also graduated from Naselle," explained Macy.

When asked why he went into teaching, Macy said, "I am in teaching because I enjoy working with young people. Helping them learn and watching them grow into young adults is very rewarding."

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