Brother and sister open OleBob's Seafood Market

Brother and sister open OleBob's Seafood Market

ILWACO - OleBob's Seafood Market, pronounced Ole-Bob after co-owners Bill and Sue Hagerup's father Bob and his best friend and fishing partner Ole, opened in the heart of the Port of Ilwaco on May 30.

OleBob's offers a full selection of fresh and frozen seafoods including local Dungeness crab (cooked at the market), shell-free crabmeat (shaken by Sue), local Willapa Bay oysters and steamer clams. "Spot" prawns, cooked shrimp, scallops, salmon, sturgeon and halibut are also popular items. The market features a beautiful display freezer full of vacuum-sealed products, including yummy crabcakes. OleBob's also carries fresh bottom fish fillets, smoked salmon, mussels, and oysters, plus all the condiments to go with seafood, such as batter mixes, spices, and tartar and cocktail sauces. And now with Albacore tuna season fast approaching, Sue will be busy loining tuna for the market and special orders.

With nearly 30 years experience in the seafood industry, working as deckhand, cannery worker, and fisherman's account clerk, Sue Hagerup's real love is running the new market.

"I've worked in several fish markets, most recently managing Sunrise Seaford's retail for five years, but now I'm realizing a dream by running my own. OleBob's combines everything I've done in seafood, and the customers make it so much fun. Their satisfaction is our top priority so we gladly accept special orders and will try to find a requested product even if we don't ordinarily carry it."

Sue's brother Billl resides and works full-time in Beaverton, Ore., but owns a beach house on the peninsula. He and his family will be available to help on weekends , when it is especially busy. Bill and Sue's younger sister Tammy is also doing a Saturday Market cart on the port which features seafood specialities using product from OleBob's.

A variety of canned products will be added soon, as well as an internet website, and overnight shipping. A live tank is also in the works so customers can buy live crab and cook their own.

OleBob's Seafood Market, located at 151 Howerton Way, Ilwaco, is open at the Port of Ilwaco from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. Give them a call at 642-4332 today!

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