SEAVIEW - Election of officers will be held at the next meeting of the Long Beach Peninsula Lodging and Restaurant Association (L.A.R.A.), which is scheduled for this Thursday, April 3, at 3 p.m. at The Shoalwater Restaurant in Seaview.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor or may be submitted in advance via e-mail to interim president Bob Hamilton of The Breakers (

The recently formed association continues to define and refine its agenda and organizational structure. L.A.R.A. is the only group in the area which represents the full range of lodging facilities (from hotels to RV parks) and food service establishments (from restaurants to espresso stands) throughout the greater Long Beach Peninsula. Membership is currently open to owners or managers of all such operations in the community. The association also plans to expand its base to include allied members who provide products or services to the hospitality industry.

In establishing such a broad-based organization, L.A.R.A. expects to provide a wide range of benefits to members, including:

• Coordinated lobbying of local and state governments on industry-related issues; improved local networking and communication;

• Association representation on local tourism-related boards and committees;

• Promotion of packages among association members;

• Expanded clout of joint local and out-of-area marketing;

• Opportunities for group buying of goods, insurance, advertising, etc.;

• Industry-related speakers and seminars;

• Staff hospitality training

Hamilton urges all current and potential members to attend the upcoming meeting. In addition to elections and organizational issues, further discussion will be held on the proposed conference center and hotel in advance of a meeting by L.A.R.A. representatives with City of Long Beach officials.

Members are reminded to bring or e-mail their questions (to address above) about the project so that a list of talking points can be developed and sent to City Hall prior to that meeting.

For additional information, contact: Tony Kischner - 642-2595

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