LONG BEACH - Last week Candy Man employee Matt Matzen took on a new project in celebration of Loyalty Days - over a span of about three days, the chocolatier built a chocolate peanut butter cup measuring three feet wide by four inches deep.

Matzen says he began building the massive chocolate treat on Tuesday, April 27, lining the three-foot pan - made by Peninsula Sheet Metal - with parchment paper and pouring in the first layers of chocolate until reaching a depth of about one-quarter inch.

On Wednesday, he prepared and poured more than 125 pounds of peanut butter fudge for the center layer.

"The center for our [smaller] peanut butter cups is a creamier peanut butter, so for this one we're using peanut butter fudge because it will set up and solidify so it can be cut and served," Matzen explains.

On Friday he melted pounds of chocolate to seal the top and solidify before being delivered to the Loyalty Days dinner Saturday night, where guests were treated to pieces of the 150-plus-pound sweet treat.

Matzen says he plans to make the peanut butter cup again in hopes of having it recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records. Currently, the Guinness Book of World Records website doesn't have a listing for the largest peanut butter cup.

Eventually, Matzen would make the giant peanut butter cups available for purchase through special orders at the store. The Candy Man is also home to other interesting sweet concoctions, such as chocolate-dipped bacon and chocolate covered Twinkies.

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