Case No (s): Shoreline Substantial Development Permit No. 06-0122LB

Critical Areas and Resource Lands Permit No. 06-0380LB

Development Permit Application No. WA060009LB

Description of Proposal: The Washington State Department of Transportation is proposing to improve pedestrian safety and access by constructing a paved pedestrian path six (6) feet wide and 0.73 miles in length. The project is located in the Washington State Department of Transportation right-of-way just North of State Route 103, also known as Bay Avenue, between cross streets Ridge Street and Sandridge Road, mile markers 11.13 and 11.86. Construction of the project will require clearing approximately 2.25 acres. The project also includes the excavation of approximately 365 cubic yards of native soil and replacing it with approximately 1,510 cubic yards of crushed surfacing base course. The project will be paved with approximately 110 cubic yards of hot mix asphalt.

The project results in approximately 0.05 acres (2180 square feet) of unavoidable wetland impacts to the North of State Route 103, also known as Bay Avenue where the pedestrian path and fill will impact existing wetlands. Mitigation for the proposed wetland impacts resulting from this project and from another WSDOT project in Pacific County (SR 101/Sandridge Road Safety Improvement Project) have been combined to form one wetland mitigation project that will be constructed in conjunction with the Washington State Parks Department. The proposed mitigation will result in the enhancement of approximately 1.0 acres of open water/flooded(dead) wood debris to provide a mosaic of interspersed habitat for many wetland dependent species and specific habitat for the Trumpeter Swan in the area known as Hines Marsh, located at the north end of the Long Beach peninsula.

Proponent(s): Washington State Department of Transportation.

Location of Proposal: The project area is located between mile markers 11.13 and 11.86 of State Route 103, also known as Bay Avenue, located within Section 28, Township 12 North, Range 11 West, W.M., Pacific County, Washington.

Any person desiring to express his or her views or to be notified of the action taken on this application should notify Amy Ammer, Planner, Pacific County Department of Community Development, 318 N. Second Street, Long Beach, WA 98631. According to the guidelines contained within the Pacific County Critical Areas and Resource Lands Ordinance and Section 24.7, of the Pacific County Shoreline Master Program, an administrative hearing will be conducted at 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 26, 2007 at the Pacific County Public Utility District Building, located at 9610 Sandridge Road, Long Beach, Washington.

Responsible Official: Amy Ammer. Position/Title: Planner. Phone: (360) 642-9382. Address: 318 N. Second Street, Long Beach, WA 98631

Published January 17, 2007

Legal No. 018

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