Charlie Stenvall presented the '2003 Excellence in Partnership Award' by the Coastal Resources Alliance

Charlie Stenvall, who leads our area's extensive system of federal wildlife preserves, was recently recognized for his outstanding efforts in building successful relationships with local citizens and interest groups. From the left: Dave Allen, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service regional director; Forest Cameron, refuge supervisor; David Patte, external affairs; Charlie Stenvall; Jim Neva, CRA; and Jim Assenberg, CRA.

WILLAPA BAY - Charlie Stenvall, project leader of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Complex, was presented the "2003 Excellence in Partnership Award: Federal Category" by Jim Neva, secretary of the Coastal Resources Alliance.

Attending the ceremony were officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Regional Office.

The Coastal Resources Alliance, a grass-roots charitable organization, was formed to promote sustainable development and responsible management, based on good solid scientific analysis.

"All too often it seems these days that attention is only paid to scandals and official misbehavior," according to a press release. "Rarely are words of gratitude and praise offered to our public servants. The Coastal Resources Alliance believes that it is about time that we call public attention to the meritorious work done by Charlie Stenvall of the US Fish and Wildlife Service."

The award certificate reads:

2003 Excellence

in Partnership Award In recognition of your key role in the formation of an inspiring and successful partnership with local stakeholders, citizen groups, and universities that designed an ecologically-sound and practical vision to solve the Spartina problem in Willapa Bay, Washington.

The press release goes on to say, "Without the leadership and longterm vision provided by Charlie, we would not have achieved the level of cooperation, the fully functional partnership, and the real progress on the ground that we can rightfully celebrate today. Partnership is no longer optional.

"None of us acting alone would have a ghost of a chance of solving a problem of the scope and scale of the spartina invasion in Willapa Bay. Because of the partnership Charlie did so much to create, we see real hope that we can defeat this terrible threat to the ecology and economy of Willapa Bay.

"Congratulations Charlie, we greatly appreciate your dedication to the welfare of Willapa Bay."

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