SOUTH BEND and NASELLE - Following the break and repair of a City of South Bend water main, Washington State Department of Health has lifted the boil water advisory for most water service customers of the City of South Bend. Thirty-five customers in the Baleville area remain under the boil water advisory.

The City of South Bend anticipates that all customers will have full water service with no boil advisory on Monday, following successful testing of water samples.

Fifty households in Naselle, along Parpala and Koven Roads remain without water service. Repairs of the water main are anticipated to be complete by Sunday or Monday. Once repairs are complete those residents will be under a boil water advisory for several days until water testing can be completed. The American Red Cross will distribute bottled water to those households Sunday or Monday in addition to cleaning kits.

Pacific County is requesting that local residents report damage to their primary residences or loss of revenue to businesses. This is a preliminary process only and no formal estimates are required, only the business owner/homeowner's best guess.

Renters should also report damage to their personal property and do not need the information related to the actual residence itself. The landlord needs to report that information.

Callers are asked to have the following information prepared prior to calling:

1. Name

2. Street address

3. Type of insurance (business, renters or flood insurance 51; homeowners will not cover flood damage)

4. How much is the deductible

5. What is the fair market value of the home (not including land) or estimated loss of revenue to the business (renters do not need this information)

6. How much is the estimated damage to the structure of the home or the estimated loss of revenue

7. How much is the estimated loss to personal belongings

8. One sentence description of the damage

Residential damage reports are limited to the primary housing structure only. No reports will be taken for damage to outbuildings, fences, barns, or property.

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency is taking damage reports during business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., through Jan. 15 at the following numbers:

South Bend/Raymond area: 360-875-9336

Long Beach Peninsula area: 360-642-9336

Tokeland/North Cove area: 360-267-8336

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