Cleaning up a holiday mess

<I>TIMM COLLINS photo</I><BR>Bev Arnoldy and Kelly Rupp with the Friends of Willapa Bay help pass out garbage bags at the Bolstad beach approach. "This is the busiest day of the year," Rupp said of the Cleanup. "We have several organized efforts during the year, but the turnout is very high the day after the Fourth."

Grass Roots Garbage Gang helps restore beach to pre-Fourth beauty

PENINSULA - Hundreds of amateur trash collectors took to the beach Monday morning to take part in what is becoming a holiday tradition - the Grass Roots Garbage Gang's post Fourth of July Beach Clean Up.

"Here is a bag," shouted Kelly Rupp, a Beach Clean Up volunteer. "We can use all the help we can get."

Rupp and Bev Arnoldy handed out plastic bags and mechanical trash grabbers at the Bolstad approach Monday morning. The pair was one of five recruiting volunteers at Peninsula beach approaches.

Shelly Pollock of the Grass Roots Garbage Gang, said when it was over, more than 300 people had officially volunteered to clean up the beach, and that figure does not take into account the scores of beachgoers who didn't bother to leave their names.

"We will have a better idea in a few days," said Pollock on Tuesday afternoon. "But right now I can say there was a record amount of garbage picked up after this year's Fourth of July celebration. I know, because we filled more Dumpsters than every before."

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