PORT OF ILWACO - Port of Ilwaco commissioners discussed the facility's boundaries and reconfiguring the offices, among other items on their agenda Monday.

The commissioners approved a temporary easement on a road behind Dan Oja's home near the port. The easement will run for five years, at which time the commissioners will discuss the matter again. The road, which runs east to west at the northern side of the port, has been used for years by local residents.

Commissioner Frank Unfred said the commission should investigate the possibility of permanently dedicating the road.

"If we don't do it permanently," Unfred said, "this will keep coming up for discussion."

Commissioners approved proceeding to collect delinquent work yard charges against boat owner Robert Stuckey, who owes the port $858. Port Financial Director Mary DeLong said Stuckey had paid $20 on his account in November and no other payments have been received.

Monday was the deadline for owners of two derelict boats to insure them or remove them. Harbormaster Jamie Sowers said she has been working closely with the owner of one of the boats to remove its fuel to avoid the possibility of a spill in the harbor and he was given another week to comply. Sowers has been unable to contact the owner of the second vessel.

"It pretty much looks like it's abandoned," she said.

Sowers reported that dredging of the marina has been moving ahead quickly.

"We've made great progress," she said. "And we're only halfway through the season."

Port Manager Mack Funk said he is negotiating with Washington Department of Transportation to acquire three more highway signs portraying services available at the port.

Funk said a poll has been conducted among port and city merchants, with preliminary results indicating the merchants primarily want food and lodging signs, with signs indicating fishing, shops and galleries coming in a close second.

The signs will be up for discussion at the port's next commission meeting Jan. 19.

Reconfiguring the port's offices was up next on the commissioners' agenda Monday. Suggestions outlined by Funk included moving the port's offices to the second floor and the meeting room to the ground floor. Problems with disabled access would require building a ramp or installing an elevator to the second floor of the building. Commissioners will continue to discuss the matter.

Funk told the commissioners that Grays Harbor College has received a block grant for a needs assessment consultant to prepare for the college's construction of a new building on port property. A meeting is scheduled for later this week to discuss plans for the college.

The northerly boundary of the port's property was discussed by Funk. He said the last survey he could find for the property was done in the early 1990s.

"Maybe we need a new survey," Unfred said.

Commissioners will be investigating the boundary situation.

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