Sometimes it’s due to disabilities or chronic illness and the inability to get out and about as much as we did previously.

Sometimes it’s due to losing interest. We’re alone and just don’t feel like doing anything and depression creeps in.

Sometimes it’s due to outside influences like the current pandemic restrictions.

Whatever the reason might be, it sometimes leads to introspection — taking stock of our current situation and considering what the future might look like for us.

Should we find ourselves at a point where the aging what-if’s start to weigh us down, considering future options can be overwhelming — and scary. While there are always the time-honored dynamics of denial and procrastination, there are other time honored dynamics such as realization and planning.

Hopefully, I’m not bringing disillusionment to folks when I say we’re all in the process of actually getting older.

We may be at a point where considering future living situations is an interesting research topic. We may be at a point where we realize we can’t keep doing what we’re doing indefinitely. We may at a point where this is something to really examine — soon.

So how about a starting point for any or all of these “points”? And, admittedly, this is just a jump-off spot. A lot of research goes into making the major decision about where you might want/need to live in the years to come.

Let’s just take a quick peek at just a few options:

• Move in with family or have family move in with you. Not a little decision and comes with all the various dynamics that occur in any family. This scenario has been occurring more frequently in recent years. Sometimes it makes sense both economically and from a safety point of view.

• In-Home Care. Hiring caregivers to come to our home is another option. We have agencies in our area the can provide trained people to come and assist in areas that have become difficult for you. Should you meet Medicaid eligibility, you might even be eligible for the state to pay some of the costs. If not, the agencies are still available for private pay.

• Assisted Living. In our county, think Alder House in Raymond or Golden Sands in Ocean Park. These are basically apartment style living with supportive services. Meals, laundry, etc are provided and the group dynamic helps keep isolation at bay.

• Adult Family Homes. These are smaller than Assisted Living, usually with about six residents. Bedrooms may be shared. Meals and activities are again, a group dynamic. Assistance is onsite and available 24/7.

Like I said, just a jumping off point. Some people have combined households with a friend and support each other. Creativity can be your friend in looking at various scenarios.

For now, consider: While we’re thinking about where we’re at, why not consider where we want to be later? Points to ponder…

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