Port of Ilwaco Request for Proposals Boatyard Washwater Improvements - new wastewater treatment system, sanitary sewer line, and connection to the City of Ilwaco sanitary sewer system July 2017 Port of Ilwaco (Port) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for design and build services relating to a new wastewater treatment system, sanitary sewer line, and connection to the City of Ilwaco sanitary sewer system at the Port’s boatyard facility. Background and Site Description The Port’s boatyard is located at 525 First Avenue South, Ilwaco, in Pacific County, Washington. The boatyard covers an area of 4.3 acres, approximately 20 percent of which is impervious surface (asphalt, concrete, etc.) and 25 percent is buildings. The boatyard has capacity of up to 30 vessels at any given time. Approximately 200 vessels are hauled out of the water per year and about 150 vessels are pressure washed each year. The boatyard has a 50-ton Travelift, a self/full service work yard and dry boat storage facilities. The boatyard mainly consists of four buildings, the port shop, tenant storage area, an enclosed work building, and a pressure wash treatment shed. The port shop building houses mechanical work areas, parts department/shipping receiving, and boatyard related maintenance activities. This building is likely to be re-developed in the future, therefore future connections to the proposed sanitary sewer line would need to be included. The pressure wash treatment shed is adjacent to the pressure wash pad and houses the existing, closed-loop pressure wash treatment system. This building will need to be incorporated in the proposed plans as noted in the following project description. Project Description The Port hereby requests proposals from qualified Bidders interested in providing design-build services at their existing boatyard to design, permit, and install a new wash water treatment system and new sanitary sewer discharge pipe with connection to the City of Ilwaco sanitary sewer system. Currently the boatyard does not have any sewer service. Therefore, this work would include designing new sanitary sewer infrastructure to allow for collection of pretreated pressure wash water discharge along with additional connections to support potential future redevelopment additions including bathrooms and utility sinks at their current shop building. In addition, selection and installation of a new pretreatment pressure wash wastewater collection system would be required at the existing wash pad. In addition, the project will include selection and installation of a new pressure wash wastewater pretreatment system, which is expected to consist of a chemical coagulation or electro-coagulation process to allow for pre-treatment and discharge to the sanitary sewer. Construction of a new sanitary sewer line will require additional permits in order to satisfy any State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) or Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA) regulations. Proposal must include all time and materials to assist the Port with application and fulfillment of all required permits, including time to ensure the City of Ilwaco’s engineer is in agreement with the design and treatment capacity of the new pressure wash pretreatment system. Below is a general list of tasks to be included as part of this project. General Tasks/Deliverables: • Task 1: Detailed design and issued-for-construction plan set for the new sanitary sewer line and pressure wash pretreatment system. - Review regulatory constraints for design and construction. - Determine capacity for pressure wash pretreatment system and future re-development of boatyard to include up to 3 bathrooms and multiple utility wash sinks. - Selection of a new pressure wash pre-treatment system to provide pretreatment of water prior to discharge to sanitary sewer. - Pressure wash treatment system must be capable of treating wash water to applicable water quality pretreatment standards listed in the Washington Boatyard General Permit as well as additional pretreatment requirements of the City of Ilwaco for discharge to their publicly owned treatment works (POTW). - Prepare 30% draft design plans for POI review - Prepare 90% design plans and construction specifications for POI review, incorporating Port comments on the 30% design set. - Incorporate Port comments on the 90% design and finalize design plans and specifications as issued-for-construction. • Task 2: Regulatory Permitting and Compliance - Provide assistance to the Port in application of require permits - Coordinate with the City of Ilwaco’s engineer for design approval - Ensure all SEPA and JARPA requirements are met • Task 3: Construction and installation of sanitary sewer line and pressure wash treatment system - Construct and install new sanitary sewer line and pressure wash treatment system per approved construction plan set - Coordinate construction schedule with the Port to minimize boatyard operation interruptions • Task 4: Design Meeting and Construction Coordination - Assume one in-person meeting with project manager to kick-off draft design - Assume one onsite meeting by project manager to kickoff project construction - Prepare documentation of meeting discussions and distribution of meeting minutes - Project manager participation in one construction progress meeting (one hour, by phone) - Plan to visit site during construction to observe and document construction progress and attend progress meeting in person - Prepare record drawings reflecting as-built conditions at the end of the project. Project Schedule The Port would prefer that all work be completed prior to the wet season in 2017. Bidder shall provide a schedule of its planned deliverables. Proposal Format It is Port’s expectations that the Bidders submitting proposals will have substantive experience with stormwater/wastewater projects for boatyards under the Washington State Boatyard General Permit. Bidders shall provide descriptions of at least three relevant projects, along with the contact information (address, phone, and email) for a reference from each project client. To facilitate our review and evaluation of proposals, and to assist our review of invoices and future addendum change requests, your proposal should include: 1. A description of each task in sufficient detail to provide a clear understanding of what work is being conducted, what will be provided for deliverables and services, and the basis for the cost of the estimate. A list of deliverables should be provided for each task. 2. A schedule providing the anticipated duration of each task initiated from the Port’s authorization to proceed. 3. A detailed fee schedule along with your estimated total, not to exceed, project fee. One page resumes of key personnel that will be directly involved in the project must be provided in the proposal. Resumes for drafting or clerical staff are not required. Please include only resumes for the proposed project staff. The selected consultant cannot make staff changes to the proposed staff following contract award without the Port’s written permission unless the changes are outside the Bidder's control. I. Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process Responses to this RFP will be reviewed based on the following criteria. The Port, however, reserves and retains the right to reject any proposal at any time for any or no reason. The Port may request additional information for clarification at any time. • Fees and costs • Demonstration of ability to perform the work • Experience with similar projects • Project manager and key staff experience • General reputation and quality of previous performance • Responsiveness to solicitation requirements and time limitations • Experience working with port districts, governmental agencies, and knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations • Compliance with statutes and rules relating to contracts or services Selection Process This RFP was issued to more than one prospective Bidder. The Port has no obligation to select the apparent lowest cost bid and reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Proposals will be reviewed by the Port’s designated representative. The Port may reject any and all proposals without further discussion or commence negotiations with the most qualified Proposer to establish the final terms and conditions of the contract. If the Port is unable to negotiate acceptable contract terms with the initial Proposer, the Port may formally terminate negotiations and commence negotiations with the next most qualified Proposer. The Port expressly reserves the right to request changes to the staffing or scope of services during negotiations. In no event shall the Port have any liability for any costs incurred in responding to this proposal. Interviews may be conducted. In that event, selected proposers will be notified with at least 10 days’ notice of the date, time and location of interviews. If the Port acts to award a contract, the selected Proposer shall execute and deliver executed copies of the contract within ten (10) working days of receipt, together with all required documents, including but not limited to the insurance certificates. Protests of the solicitation and selection process or award may only be filed within three business days after proposal acceptance. II. Submittal Requirements Three hard copies of the proposals are due in the Port’s office no later than 4pm on August 10, 2017. In place of hardcopies, electronic submissions of the proposals will be accepted and must be in a pdf format and may be sent by e-mail. Hard copy proposals are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Boatyard Washwater Improvement Project.” E-mailed proposals must be addressed in the same manner. Address for submission: Mail: Port of Ilwaco e-mail: gglenn@portofilwaco.org, 165Howerton Way, PO Box 307 Ilwaco,WA 98624 Inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed to Guy Glenn, Port of Ilwaco Manager at 360-642-3143 Inquiries must be received at least 48 hours prior to the proposal due date. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the Port receives the proposal submitted by the proposal due date and time. Any proposals received after the appointed time set for receipt will not be considered. III. Notices Proposer shall mark any pages of its proposal that it considers to contain proprietary or confidential information. However, the Port cannot insure that this information would not be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public disclosure request. In the event the Port receives a request for disclosure of such information, the Port will notify the Proposer of the request and will not release the marked documents for a period of not less than ten days after the notice is provided in order to give the Proposer an opportunity to obtain a court order prohibiting the release of the information in response to the public disclosure request. The Port shall not be liable for good faith disclosure of documents marked proprietary or confidential nor for failure to notify proposers of public disclosure requests. Published July 26 and August 2, 2017 Legal No. 263-17

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