SEAVIEW — A man is in jail after allegedly bringing a firearm to the beach.

Robert Hyatt, 21, is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. He was arrested July 30 and is being held in Pacific County Jail with a $10,000 bail.

Hyatt's criminal history includes second-degree burglary and theft of a motor vehicle, both Class B felonies in Washington state. Under state law, it's illegal for convicted felons to possess firearms.

Hyatt allegedly had a firearm on the beach, then tried to sell it to other beachgoers.

The incident

On July 20, county dispatch received a call about a man with a firearm in dunes off 19th Street South.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Officer Derek Thompson, Ranger Bryn Sitkiewicz and Long Beach Police Department Officer Casey Meling responded to the call.

The reporting party was a father and son. Hyatt allegedly approached the men's camp, then asked if they were interested in buying a firearm for $100, according to Thompson's incident report.

Hyatt allegedly showed the men a small black firearm. The men turned Hyatt down, but offered to give him money for the bus, according to the report.

After the men turned Hyatt down, the son said he heard Hyatt pull the firearm's slide. The pair tackled Hyatt to disarm him, according to Thompson's report. Once they got the firearm away from Hyatt, he ran into the dunes north of the camp. Two hours after the incident, Hyatt was arrested near 30th Street. The father and son identified Hyatt after his arrest, according to police.

Hyatt is scheduled for an arraignment on Aug. 9.

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