Cooper Belisle is Mr. IHS 2008

<I>Photo by JOSH HOLLAND</I><BR>Ilwaco High School senior Cooper Belisle was named Mr. IHS last Tuesday and read a self-written poem "Ilwaco High School is Cool."

ILWACO - Ilwaco High School's second annual Mr. IHS competition was held on Feb. 12 in the IHS cafeteria. Vicente Fuentes and Courtney Gilgore were the hosts of this competition - Fuentes was last year's Mr. IHS. In this year's competition there were five guys that participated, each contestant was escorted by a female student.

The first contestant was junior Jason Huntley, escorted by Alexis Ferguson. Huntley was the only junior that participated this year. Huntley's talent was a slideshow of his original photography. "I should be Mr. IHS because I do a lot for this school personally," said Huntley. Other reasons that Huntley gave to help with the judges' decision was that he participates in Boy Scouts, is a member of the National Honor Society and has participated in beach clean-ups since he was six years old.

"I should be Mr. IHS because I love this school and I love this community," stated Fernando Rodriguez Perez. Fernando is one of the four seniors that participated in Mr. IHS. Susan Tran was his escort. For his talent portion, Fernando played the song "When I'm 64" by The Beatles.

Nik Nurkowski was another one of the seniors who participated in this competition with Michelle Ables as his escort. Nurkowski's talent was portraying his digital artwork through a PowerPoint presentation. "I should be Mr. IHS because I am an honorable and respectable young adult," said Nurkowski.

The fourth participant in the competition was Scott Simons whose escort was Erin McDonnell. Simons is also a senior at IHS. He sang and danced to Elvis' "Jail House Rock" for the talent competition. Simons believed that he should have been Mr. IHS because he has been a contributing four-year high school student at Ilwaco High School, has played on the football team for four years, and has been a member of the National Honor Society.

The final participant in the Mr. IHS competition was Cooper Belisle who was escorted by Kelly Freese. Cooper's talent was reading a poem that he wrote titled, "Ilwaco High School is cool." He said he wrote his poem on this subject, "cause it was the only way I could express myself creatively." Belisle believed that he should be chosen as Mr. IHS because during his time at Ilwaco High School he has had a positive impact on people's lives.

There were four people who judged each participant's performance. They included: Marc Simmons, school principal; David Arney, an English teacher at the school; and Ana Karen Perez Guzman and Amy Veland, two seniors at IHS. After the judges' votes were tallied the winners were announced - the first runner up was Rodriguez Perez and the winner was Belisle.

"I am very excited and proud of myself," said Belisle after he won the title of Mr. IHS.

Congratulations to all the participants in the second annual Mr. IHS competition.

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