Situation relating to Indian Creek Reservoir appears easy to rectifyILWACO - Ilwaco Mayor Ed Leonard's report to the Ilwaco City Council Monday included the following:

Leonard said he had spoken with Sternberg Lighting last week about the delivery of new streetlights for the First and Howerton project. He said the lights should be in Ilwaco by Labor Day.

Leonard also reported the city had "received a notice from the Army Corps of Engineers stating the city had failed to provide necessary documentation of wetland reservation in conjunction with the construction of our water supply dam on Indian Creek. We were required to submit reports in 1995, 1996, and 1997 demonstrating our compliance with their requirements."

Leonard said he and the city's operations manager Randy Lavold "visited with the Corps of Engineers in Seattle Friday to determine what was needed to satisfy our permit. The City of Ilwaco did in fact comply with the corps requirements - we just didn't document it. The unexpected death of Mayor Toby Beard in 1994 and the employment of a new city clerk in 1996 created a hole in our corporate memory. This matter simply got lost."

Leonard pointed out that "it took the corps eight years to discover Ilwaco had failed to file the required reports. In order to properly document our compliance it will be necessary to dedicate some nine and a half acres of wetland by deed restriction. (The city's planners) Ecological Land Services has informed me they can do the survey work and file the necessary dedications."

He asked the council to authorize ELS to do the work for an amount not to exceed $750.

Leonard also said the contracts for the third cell of the city's waste water treatment plant were delivered to the Department of Agriculture for approval. He said the city's project engineer, Gray and Osborne, expects to issue the notice to proceed to contractor Stellar J on Wednesday.

Effective Friday, Aug. 1, the mayor said, "neighborhood electric vehicles" will be allowed on all Washington highways where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

"If the speed limit on U.S. 101 on the north side of town is reduced from 45 to 35 as far as the 'Y' with Sandridge, a 35-mile-per-hour corridor would be opened linking Ilwaco and Long Beach via Sandridge Road. I invite the council to consider requesting that the Department of Transportation lower the speed limit on this 150-yard stretch of highway," he said.

The last item on Leonard's report discussed the location of the Discovery Trail in Ilwaco. Discussions in past council meetings by local residents had brought up a number of problems with the trail's location and parking and pedestrian traffic.

Leonard said city council members David Jensen and Victoria Stoppiello met with a National Guard representative and Long Beach City Administrator Nabiel Shawa to discuss the matter. He said Stoppiello and Jensen "agreed the trail should come off the hill on Main Street, turn right and go south along the west side of Second Street. Pedestrian traffic would be on the sidewalk and bicycle traffic would be in a new bicycle lane.

"The trail would then cross Second Street just south of Eagle Street," Leonard said, "and run along the north side of the Port of Ilwaco Boat Yard. This alignment would eliminate on-street parking on the west side of Second Street." He said Maryann Collins, owner of Collins' RV Park "is concerned that placing the trail on the west side of Second Street will greatly inconvenience the residents of four rental units." A special meeting may be called this week to discuss the matter further.

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