Cosmo’s Lawn Service is growing healthy roots on the Peninsula

<p>Cosmo’s Lawn Care is up and running on the Long Beach Peninsula. Pictured above is owner Cosmo Cozby.</p>

LONG BEACH — Working outdoors, hard physical exercise, the beauty of the area and being his own boss were all factors leading to Cosmo Cozby’s decision to open a lawn care service on the Long Beach Peninsula.

After recently separating from the U.S. Army, Cozby had spent 57 out of his last 96 months overseas, with 27 months of that time being in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. But the Army was changing and it was time to leave and settle down. He and his wife, Modi Cozby, determined the Peninsula would be the place to put down roots.

“My father was in the Coast Guard and I grew up by the ocean; East Coast, West Coast or Hawaii, always by the ocean,” said Cozby. “My parents have lived here for 20 years and my wife spent a year here while I was in Afghanistan. We know people, have long time family friends here and are here for the long haul. This is a life and career choice we are excited to begin.”

By first concentrating his business on the basics of lawn care, mowing, trimming and cleanup, Cozby intends to grow into other landscaping services over time. A significant investment in equipment, including a zero-turn riding mower that self-mulches, a commercial grade self-propelled mower and a truck and trailer speaks to his long range intent. Cozby is insured and bonded and already has several property management clients.

“I can take care of clients needing one-time projects or recurring contracts. Commercial, residential or vacation homes are all areas I am ready for,” said Cozby. “I realize this is a somewhat seasonal business so I am planning to use the slower winter time to take courses in botany, business and horticulture. I see this business as an ongoing learning process.”

For more information or to set up an appointment for a free estimate, call Cosmo’s Lawn 642-LAWN (5296).

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