County police take emergency vehicle operations course: How to chase bad guys

<I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I><BR>Pacific County deputy Bob Langendorfer looks on as an officer completes an emergency vehicle operations course at Loomis Lake State Park Wednesday. The obstacle course is part of the annual review Langendorfer teaches. The class also includes classroom training on the pursuit policy.

LOOMIS LAKE STATE PARK - Last week Pacific County Sheriff Department officers took a refresher course in emergency vehicle operations (EVOC) taught by deputy Bob Langendorfer.

"The goal is for each officer to improve on his time and not compete against the other officers," Langendorfer said. "We have an obstacle course that is almost a quarter mile in length and made up of almost 100 cones. I used to dock the officers five seconds every time they knocked over a cone, now I make the driver shut the car off, get out and set the cone back up - that takes much longer than five seconds," he said, smiling.

Part of EVOC is classroom training on the latest pursuit techniques and policies.

"Our pursuit policy is very similar to that of the Washington State Patrol's," Langendorfer said.

As soon as officers determine that a pursuit is in progress they call dispatch and a supervisor is contacted. The supervisor can call off the chase and the officer can also call it off at any time he feels the chase would endanger himself, the other driver and passengers, or the public.

EVOC is part of the refresher training and is done on an annual basis.

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