SOUTH BEND - Tyler Pederson pleaded guilty to four counts of residential burglary at Pacific County Superior Court last Friday. Sentencing will be Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Pederson, 20,was arrested June 4 for residential burglary, first-degree theft and third-degree possession of stolen property.

Katrina M. Libengood, 20, of Ocean Park, was arrested at the same time for first-degree possession of stolen property. She pleaded guilty last Friday to five counts of second-degree burglary. She was sentenced under the Drug Offender Sentencing Act Alternative, which cut what would have been a 50-month sentence to 25 months in prison. After serving the 25 months, she must undergo drug treatment, according to Pacific County Prosecutor David Burke. "If she washes out of drug treatment, she'll have to serve the other half of the sentence," he said.

Also on Friday, Judge Joel Penoyar set a restitution hearing in September.

At the time of Pederson's and Libengood's arrests, Pacific County Chief Criminal Deputy Ron Clark said the arrests were based on probable cause of Pederson's alleged involvement in several burglaries in Ilwaco and Long Beach and about seven burglaries in the Ocean Park area.

LBPD and PCSO officers' investigation also led them to an Ocean Park residence where more alleged stolen property had been stored.

"All of us have been dealing with a tremendous increase in the burglary rate in the county and the cities," Pacific County Sheriff John Didion said last month. "I've always felt we're most effective when we take information we gather from citizens and share it with all law-enforcement jurisdictions. This case is a perfect example of city, county and state agencies working together to best serve the public. With that cooperation, we were able to apprehend people who we believe had allegedly victimized a large number of our citizens."

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