South Pacific District Court as well as Ilwaco and Municipal Court hearings are held at 7013 Sandridge Road. If you have questions, call 642-9417. The following cases were scheduled for actions shown.

May 20

Pre-trial — DUI, Jake Daniel Barnes; continued to 6/24.

Sentencing — DWLS 3rd-degree, Felicia Eileen Bowser; two years probation, 90/85, $250.

Arraignment — Three counts of protection order violation, Robert Dean Byrd; PT 6/24, JT 7/20.

Pre-trial — Avoiding wildlife check station/inspection, recreational fishing 1st-degree possession twice the legal limit, John Jongyuhn Chu; DFTA, strike trial, B/W $500.

Pre-trial — Commercial shellfish pots while closed season, Edward J. Green; continued one month.

Pre-trial — DUI, Donald Hunt Parsons; speedy trial waiver signed, clerk to set date for suppression.

Plea hearing — Two counts of avoiding wildlife check station/inspection, shellfish over limit, two counts of recreational fishing violating commercial rule, Albert Frank Woldrich; continued to 6/24.

May 21

Contested hearing — Following too close, Bonnie Mae Hunt; DS one year, $150.

Contested hearing — Failure to wear safety belt, Kimberly Ann Pickering; committed, $80.

Contested hearing — Speeding 10 mph over limit (over 40), Kimberly Ann Pickering; committed, $80.

Contested hearing — Speeding 10 mph over limit (40 or under), James Clinton Riggs; dismissed.

Contested hearing — Failure to drive on right side of road, Sevellia Alexander Salazar; committed, $124.

Mitigation hearing — Wasting fish or shellfish, Arthur Roger Malfait; committed, $40.

May 22

Probation hearing — Negligent driving 1st-degree, Lisa D. Mottaghi; taken into custody.

Review hearing — Transport fish/wildlife 2nd-degree, Markus Bud Allen Peterson; dismissed.

Sentencing — DWLS 3rd-degree, Destiny Gail Potter; guilty, two years probation, 90/90, $450.

Sentencing — DWLS 3rd-degree, Shane Michael Thoman; DFTA, warrant stands.

Plea hearing — DUI, Garrett Noel Binion; amended to reckless driving, two years probation, alcohol evaluation, victim panel, 364/364.

Review hearing — Speeding 10 mph over limit (40 or under), failure to drive on right side of road, Garrett Noel Binion; continued two weeks.

Pre-trial — Recreational fishing 1st-degree possessing two times over limit, recreational fish 2nd-degree no license/catch card, John William Butler III; guilty, 90/90, $900.

Pre-trial — DWLS 3rd-degree, Herbert E. Camp; continued one week.

Review hearing — DUI, reckless endangerment, Kaapi Lee Corsi; no action taken.

Pre-trial — DUI, Michael Edwin Dunagan; continued to 7/3.

Pre-trial — Assault 4th-degree, reckless endangerment, Daniel Warner Greenfield; continued one week.

Arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Stacie Marie Habermann; NVOL with identification, $100.

Pre-trial — DUI, John Michael Kazeck; amended, guilty, victim panel within 90 days, ignition interlock, 364/363, $941.

Second arraignment — Assault 4th-degree, Stacy M. Kinnear; pleaded not guilty.

Plea hearing — DUI, Tina Marie Maki; amended to reckless driving, victim panel, alcohol evaluation, two years probation, 364/364, $1,500.

Review hearing — Fish dealing activity with no license 2nd-degree, failure to report commercial fish harvest/delivery, Al L. Malchow; dismissed.

Pre-trial — Violating commercial fish area/time 2nd-degree, Al L. Malchow; continued to 6/5 for plea.

Probation hearing — DUI, Rebecca Morales; continued one month for treatment compliance.

Pre-trial — DWLS 3rd-degree, Zane Tim Parker; guilty, two years probation, 90/90, $650.

Pre-trial — DWLS 3rd-degree, Larry Dean Rice; continued to 6/5.

Pre-trial — DUI, DWLS 3rd-degree, Robert Lee Ritzman; continued to 6/19 for plea.

Pre-trial — Assault 4th-degree, reckless burning 2nd-degree, Scott J. Robertson; continued to 6/5.

Arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Barbara M. Swope; guilty, two years probation, 90/85, $500.

Second arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Franklin Edmund Warner; PT 6/5, JT 7/11.

Pre-trial — DWLS 3rd-degree, operating vehicle without ignition interlock, Randy Alan Woodman; continued to 5/29.

Arraignment — Avoiding wildlife check station/inspection, Mike Chahan; guilty, $295.

Arraignment — Illegal gear, Brian Daryl Cutting; guilty, one-year probation, 364/364, $450.

Arraignment — Assault 4th-degree, Alyssa Nicole King; DFTA, B/W $2,500.

Arraignment — Two counts of recreational fish 2nd-degree violating possessing fish, Minh Be Luu; DTFA, B/W $500.

Arraignment — Three counts criminal trespass 2nd-degree, no contact/protection order violation, Chad Lee Menard; pd appt., PT 6/5, JT 7/11.

Arraignment — DUI, Simone Tiffany Nolan; speedy trial waiver filed, PT 8/7, JT 9/5.

Arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Gabriel A. Pearlman; NOA filed, PT 6/26.

Arraignment — Hit and run attended vehicle, Leonard Wayne Pletsch; pleaded not guilty, clerk to set date.

Abbreviation Key

00/00 Days sentenced/suspended

B/W Bench warrants

DF Deferred finding

DP Deferred prosecution

DS Deferred sentence

DUI Driving under influence

DWLS Driving w/ license suspended

DFTA Defendant failure to appear

FTR Failed to respond

JT Jury trial

MIP Minor in possession

NCO No-Contact Order

NOA Notice of appearance

NJT Non-jury trial

NSV No similar violations

NVOL No valid operator’s license

PD Public defender

PT Pre-trial

SOC Stipulated order of continuance

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