Cream in your coffee?

Cream in your coffee?

NASELLE - Aspiring entrepreneurs: Sharpen your pencils (or tune up your keyboards) and get ready for an essay contest. Natalie Morgan, owner of The Cool Cow Coffee Company in Naselle will give the coffee company to the writer of the best essay. The essay should explain "your current economic struggles, why you would like to own the company and be a minimum of 250 words to a maximum of 500 words."

The winner can move the company anywhere they want within 500 miles of Naselle. The goodies that "come with" include Naselle Nellie, pictured above, a very cool (life-sized Holstein) cow. You can see all of the details here: (

There's a $25 entry fee. The money collected will be used to help Morgan recover her investment, pay sales tax and cover the cost of relocating. The deal also includes free consultation on new site selection and location, moving the business equipment by U-Haul truck, one week of free training in the shop at its new location and $2,000 cash to aid with start up costs. And, a new floor and subfloor will be installed at the new location.

Mail essays to The Cool Cow Coffee Company Essay Contest, Attention: Natalie Morgan, P.O. Box 502, Naselle, WA 98638. Include your name, address and telephone number printed on the top, a self-addressed stamped envelope and the $25 entry fee.

Entries must be postmarked no later than May 31. She needs at least 2,500 entries to award the prize. If too few entries are received, the fee will be mailed back. For information, e-mail (

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